Mom with a kid got on my nerves

Not Today😡
Picked a woman and a child this am, two months after I arrived she comes to my car gets in,I ask to put on seatbelts.
Drove a block following GPS when Rasing her voice tells me I’m going a long way and I’m going to charge her more. She tells me to follow her Directions, I cant make a U-turn, by this she’s Upset because she’s going to be late dropping her son At school. I try explaining that her ride has already been estimated and she was told how much it was. She keeps rasing her voice telling me to go her way.
I Found a safe location pulled over and ended the Ride.

Yes lady Now you are going to pay more then before

What do you say when you pulled over and ended the ride? Just told her and her kid to “get out” or what’s a nice way to say it?

I know, “I’m sorry, I’m trying to get the most money possible from this ride, and the route you want me to take, would only give me what you paid for. Please take your brat and get out of my car so I can try to leech off more passengers.”

I said I’m sorry but I need to End Your Ride I will find you a safe place where you can Order another ride. Pull over stay quiet she got out, and I left.

I was not Pissed; I explain that when she orders the Ride, she was given the price. Now someone racing her voice and demanding I turn around where it’s a busy intersection with no way to make a u-turn then Say she was already late like all of this is my Fault. I didn’t Argue, I calmly pulled over outside a restaurant and told her Ride over, have a nice day.

I’m sorry I always take Passengers different directions with no Argument, it’s the way she was Talking to me, saying I was going to charge her more, I was making her late when I wait 2 minutes outside her house.

You have done nothing wrong. The passenger is not always right. I have terminated the trip for the same reason. I don’t allow.rider to humiliated me.

I called Lyft immediately after I end her Ride, The Answer was I did everything they would do. I try explaining; She was angry best thing to do in this case Is End the Ride leaving her in a safe place which I did. I did no Disrespect or yelled back.

Yep, she kept raiser her voice; I would end the ride too. Normally since it’s only a block, I would’ve just canceled so she can’t rate me but since she was so concerned about the price, would’ve played it like you.

I’ve had some riders like that, and it’s always the same result, I put them out at the nearest gas station or any other business. If You have a preferred route, you want me to take no problem but make sure you tell me before I start driving and you have to keep your eyes on the road with me because I won’t make any last minute or dangerous turn.

Yikes… just have patience with people that’s all I’m going to say about that… I’ll plant that seed…

Girl, I have lots of Patience. Been doing this for more than a year. But You get to the point when enough is enough of being disrespected in your space. I could have snapped but very professionally told her I was ending the ride.

It was funny last Friday I picked a guy, as soon as he got in my car and We got to the corner my GPS said turn left He told me To follow his directions and make a ride so I did for the next 5 miles my GPS kept asking to UTurn but I follow his directions and BAM got to La Cienaga and it was in Complete stop there was only one line open as they had Construction working on one side, then my pax totally felt stupid and Apologize as his time to destination went up by 7 mnts.