Missing tips after cash out

I had started to notice that after cashing out my instant pay at the end of the day, that tips would get added on after that, but I wasnt always seeing the money. So after I noticed, I really started watching to make sure I was right, and sure as shit ive caught them multiple times saying that this money was sent instant pay to my account minus the 50 cents, but this money was never sent. The last few times I caught it, I sent a message, and then got the BS run around, and then sure enough the money seemed to right away end up in my account. SO PEOPLE, HOW MUCH MONEY ARE THEY RIPPING DRIVERS OFF FOR? HOPING YOU DONT NOTICE. I know I cant be the only one, everyone better start paying attention.

Every tech company cheats. Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon etc, each one of them. They settle their cases and get back to cheating. It is the responsibility of our law makers. But they are in the pocket of these companies.
So unionize so that we can sue these companies together. Take back what belongs to us.

Another way im getting screwed out of money right now, is I will get a pick up, drive all the wato the pick up location, and wait to have the riders not show. I then have to cancel the ride as a no show. Im sure everyone will agree I should recieve a cancellation fee, but dont so I contact uber and they tell me the rider canceled, and within the 2 mins. Well im not getting a cancel on my end. You should see the run around and BS I get, and once again screwed out of money.