Minor puke in my car

So I knew he was young, and I would have leverage with his parents so I got $150 cash from them. I wouldn’t be able to get the car cleaned and still afford to drive this weekend. My question, should I still charge them an Uber cleaning fee. Could I get in trouble for double dipping? Thanks!

Uber will bill them for the $150.00 The parents will say you solicited $150.00. Uber will deactivate you for SOLICITING cash.

I don’t know man, even $150 is not worth someone puking in your car. If you believe that $150 won’t cover your expenses then submit a claim. This is your livelihood and someone puking in your car is hindering your cash flow.

This right here…Notice everyone egging you on is like. “Tell us how it goes.” They wont be deactivated for doing it… They just want you to be the guinea pig so they can see if they can get away with it too.

I think if he believes that $150 is not enough compensation to cover his cost of cleaning, time cleaning and time lost due to airing out his car then he should do it. Why can a hotel charge $250 for smoking in a room when it takes 6 hours of air purification to deem the room useable again. While someone can yak all over your car and in between shit you can’t even reach and you get $150? Joke.

No I doubt it how would they prove they paid you. but not sure it’s moral you could charge the difference maybe. Also I keep bags in my car that I hand to riders right away if they look green. Good luck I thing uber dose not compensate us enough for this shit any ways

Report it or don’t. The longer you wait the worse it looks on you. Honestly, I wouldn’t report. Doesn’t seem worth getting deactivated for a few dollars. However, I would also be proactive for next time.

Neoprene seat cover, a shop vacuum and a small carpet cleaner that cost $100 would make a quick recovery since everything is closed and you can pocket the $150 cleaning fee. Also, all of those things mentioned are tax write offs.

If there was no adult accompanying the minor, you were in direct violation of your agreement and you will most likely be permanently deactivated.

I’ve done a vomit clean up before. Try this: buy lots of bicarb soda.
Spread bicarb soda all over the stains and smells, leave for 6 hours or overnight, vacuum it off. Repeat this process 3-4 times (yes 3-4 nights off the road) Get a carpet freshener and spray the area, let it soak for a few hours, then bicarb soda the area again twice to weaken to carpet freshener smell.

The worst part of vomit is the liquid leaches into your seats deep to the support foam (the thing that is keeping your seats upright) and that could never be completely cleaned.

You just have to clean the surface and hopefully the odor goes away. That’s why I never do Friday and Saturday nights. Not worth it. Leather seats a bit easier to clean if you are very quick about it. The cloth seats, the bodily fluid leaches very quickly and stain and damage the foam underneath.

That’s what you get when you use your personal car as a cab…a puke-mobile.
You took the Uber gamble, so grow a pair and act like a man.

As if Trump supporters (or Trump for that matter) is any better than Clinton. It’s like messing with two highly poisonous snakes while claiming one is better because it might have nicer looking markings.

Report it but mention the $150 they already gave you but tell them it’s not enough considering you missed a couple of days work because of it, and tell them about the smell which is probably still there and will be for a couple of weeks affecting your rating and if they do give you anything else just take the money and run.

Make sure you took pictures of the mess or your totally screwed w uber giving you a cleaning fee. And hell yes charge them the cleaning fee.

Never wait 2 days to clean your car. Not even a few hours. You should of headed to the nearest car wash and did it right away. The smell wouldn’t be there.