Minimum requirements (Qualifications) for Lyft Vehicle Every Rideshare Driver Should Know About

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Want to start driving for Lyft? Your first and foremost need is a car. If you do not own a car, you can either buy one, rent one or lease one. But before going for any of these steps, you should know the specifications of the vehicle which Lyft has set for the car. If you are unaware of those requirements, or if you do own a car, but you are unsure whether your car will be applicable for Lyft services, then go through this article and you will be able to figure out whether or not your car fulfills the minimum requirements.

General vehicle requirements for Lyft

There are some requirements which your vehicle must meet to start for driving under Lyft. Your vehicle should be a four-door car, minivan, truck, or an SUV. It should have proper insurance, proper cosmetic condition, and a legal approval certificate by Lyft's vehicle inspector. As a driver, you must be passed in a driving record and background verification, and also you must be enlisted on the insurance policy of the vehicle.

Requirements for Lyft plus vehicles A Lyft Plus service cost five times more the cost of regular Lyft services and has the provision to carry groups of five riders or more at a time. For such vehicles, there are other requirements also, in addition to the basic needs. For instance, there should be seats for six riders. You must also know that if you opt for driving a Lyft Plus vehicle, you will also be getting requests for Regular Lyft services. So if your car is qualified for Lyft Plus services, you will be getting Lyft Plus requests as well. Otherwise, you could also email to Lyft to apply for the services.

Requirements for Lyft Premier Vehicle

There must be seats for four passengers, and the model must be of 2009 or later. Some cars qualified for Lyft Premier Service include Luxury vehicles of Audi, Land Rover, Cadillac, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Cars qualified for Lyft

Some four-door cars that are qualified for Lyft services include Austin, Atlanta, Washington D.C, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Pennsylvania, and Seattle. All the models should be of 2007 or later.

Cars that will not qualify for Lyft

There are a few strict requirements which your car must have for any of the available Lyft services. If your vehicle is a full-sized van, taxi or other commercial marked cars, then your car will be not be allowed for Lyft services. Ford Transit, GMC Savana, and E-Series are restricted from Lyft services.

Lyft Inspection

Before you start your service as a rideshare driver for Lyft, there will be an inspection of your vehicle. The check will mainly be of the body of the car. Some of the common areas of inspection include –

  • License plates should be current and legally valid.
  • Tires should have sufficient treads.
  • Windows should be completely crack free and should be rolling up and down smoothly.
  • Air conditioning system and heat system must be properly functioning.
  • Wipers should also be functioning and smooth.
  • All lights, including head lights, turn lights, brake lights and reverse lights should be properly visible.
  • The front seats should be moving forward and backward.
  • All the seats should have seat belts.
  • The overall body should also be free of any significant damage and dent.

It has often been noted that the result varies from one inspector to another. In some cases, the inspector allows a car with some minor scratches and dents, while some inspectors take the outer looks of a vehicle very seriously, and do not permit vehicles with even a single scratch.

Some considerations made by Lyft

Although Lyft makes no overall exceptions on its basic and primary requirements, there are specific considerations made by Lyft for some minor defects. For example, defects in air conditioning system, window rolling or wipers are not very carefully looked by the inspectors. But if you think strategically, after your daily services, your riders will get to know about those defects and eventually give you fewer ratings than what you actually deserve because of your service. So it is better to invest the minimum required amount and to try your best to make your vehicle ready for the service.

Although this article covers some crucial points to be kept in mind while choosing your vehicle for Lyft services, still, these points alone are not enough to determine whether your car will be accepted by Lyft or not. It is always better to consult as many sources as possible before making your decision of choosing your car. If you are unsure about your vehicle, you can send a mail to Lyft. Take the initial choices wisely, and enjoy the rest of your rideshare service with Lyft.

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