Maybe uber should charge per pax!

Biggest pet peeve, driving in a university town arriving to the pick up destination, driving my UBERX and 7 pax try piling in my car. Why is so difficult for these pax to order the XL when they have more than 4. Happens every darn weekend, often multiple times a night and it’s making me furious.

Because some drivers don’t care and let it slide. Makes us who follow the rules look bad.

Uber needs to charge them a higher cancelation fee if more then 4 pax then they will stop doing it. Been dealing with this every weekend for 2 years

we could rate them even if we refused them service, letting Uber know they are in violation of what’s legal, but my guess is Uber really doesn’t care about our frustrations as drvrs as long as they’re making profits

Happens multiple times EVERY DAMN NIGHT in our market. I haven’t driven since the app update (damn flu) but there at least was a way for uber to change the fare rate assuming you’re xl approved as well.

Forget laws, rules, or anything else: if you overload your car like that it will blow your engine.

Lol wut.
It would take several very very large people to put your car under enough load to blow an engine.

Load them in and notify Uber that it was an XL and they adjust the fare. Simple. I am updating from my 2006 Sienna if anyone is interested in a nice used van to make $$.

if you are taking more passengers than your car can LEGALLY take then you are setting yourself up for possible fines and/or legal problems. And that’s if there’s no accident involved

They always say they don’t have no xl. I be like that’s a lie I just seen one at the store

If every driver would stick to the laws and set an example we would have less issues. No open containers in vehicles, no overloading. I get so tired of telling them they can’t have open alcohol in my vehicle and the response is always the same “everyone else lets me do it”.
and not to mention the overloading.
We need to ban together and they will eventually stop.

I drive an XL class vehicle and the college kids will call for an X and load it up with extras. I tell them they need an XL and I get told, “it costs more money!” I tell them that I’ll leg it slide THIS TIME but NEXT time…order an XL… the contact Uber and have them.CHANGE the class because I CAN…and they don’t tip anyway

I don’t say anything that them. I can carry upto seven pax legally. They order an x, they get in and I contact uber… changed within 30 minutes! :joy: