Maximizing Your Uber Earnings In London

One of the biggest issues in driving is when and where to drive. Driving is also seasonal as well as an hourly and location based job. Every city has different moments and areas that make driving more profitable. You decide how you want to work, and you decide where and when you want to work. Some drivers are seeking maximum input, while others are seeking supplementary income but without pressure.

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General Tips for Uber driving in the UK

Early Morning Start

Working days provide a good income for early morning drivers. The typical day starts at 5 am and finishes at 6 pm when most blue-collar workers and a lot of restaurant chefs go to start their mornings. It is also a great time to drive since the roads are clear of office workers and children going to school. And the saturation of drivers is low, dynamic pricing forces come into play during these hours.

Morning Rush Hour

Position yourself near underground and railway stations; this is when London comes alive with its early morning crush of pedestrians and drivers. While you will battle with traffic and short trips become longer in time, there is a lot of work to be done at this time.

Evening Revelers

Weekday evenings are also great times for a different kind of passenger. Now the city comes alive with entertainment seekers. While driving to a gig might be great, it's the after hours that can be problematic. Not because of traffic issues, but because of drinking issues. This time is not suitable for everyone and only if you are patient and have the mental faculties to deal with drunks should you consider taking them on as passengers.

Seasonal Changes

There are five busy months and two quiet ones.

The slow months are January and August. January comes after the busiest month of the year, which is December and August is holiday time. You might find that replacing locals with tourists can alleviate some of the lulls. Most drivers tend to take time off in these months, which is another reason why you should consider driving in them, less competition.

The middle months of July, September, October, and November are always busy, why? I have no clue, they just are.

December is the busiest time to drive, Christmas and New Year are the main reason, and the weather adds to the incentive to drive rather than walk, even short distances.

Specific Tips for Uber driving in London

When to drive (In addition to the general tips)

Friday to Sunday provides you with around 44% more rides than when driving weekdays. This is when the weekend crowds from all over the country, as well as local residents, flock to all parts of London. Tourists and the football crowd add to the equation.

Where to drive

Weekday driving locations

On Monday to Thursday, the following areas are great for the early morning drivers (5am-9am), and you can earn about 53% more than driving the late morning to afternoon shift (9am-1pm).

  • Blackfriars

  • City of London

  • City Road

  • Clerkenwell

  • King's Cross & Euston (near the stations)

  • Liverpool Street

  • London Bridge Station

  • Marylebone

  • Paddington (near the station)

  • Soho & The Strand

  • Victoria Station

  • West Fulham & Parsons Green

Avoid driving in Moorgate at this time!

Weekend Driving locations

The best times to drive on Friday and Saturday are between 10pm and 2am for the late-night revelers going home, but again, remember that some of these passengers will be drunk, and a lot will be noisy. If you are willing to take this lot on, then you could earn up to 28% more than driving between 6pm to 10pm. All of Sunday is great to drive. However, 9am to 1pm has shown that you can earn 25% more than when driving in the late afternoon.

  • Aldgate

  • Barbican

  • Brixton Road, Brixton

  • Clapham Road & Battersea Rise, Clapham

  • Dalston

  • Liverpool Street

  • London Bridge

  • Putney High Road, Putney

  • Soho & The Strand

Great guide. Top-notch pointers.

I would also add, it helps to keep an eye on events.

Avoid pre-game traffic

Before big events, traffic in the area is terrible. Be cautious of taking trips to those postcodes up to 1hr before the game. Example Fulham playing at home causes awful traffic in Hammersmith/Fulham/Putney.

Target post event demand

When events finish, there is demand in the immediate area and sometimes a surge. You can park in a nearby side road and ask pax to come to you (they’re usually happy to as it saves them time). Big events, will also cause demand in the wider area, as other drivers get sucked into the event.

Here’s a Free Newsletter for drivers, sharing all the events in London, start/end times and attendance size.

Great guide, thank you!