Maven Gig - How to use it for Uber and Lyft

Ever since Xchange lease was shut down, drivers have had a hard life finding a replacement. GM came up with an option specifically aimed at the rideshare market, and it is available in some cities. We look at the Maven Gig app and their process.

Maven Gig started out with Lyft, and then after a learning curve was reached, they moved onto their platform and offered cars to all drivers independently.

Maven Gig

This is a GM rental service that created an app to manage their rental process. However, as with all rental car companies, there are certain requirements that have to be met. The requirements to apply for a Maven Gig service are:

The applicant must be at least 21 years old

  • A valid US driving license
  • The applicant accepts the Maven Gig TOS
  • The applicant accepts the GM privacy statement

This covers requirements. However Maven Gig is not available all over the US, it can only be reached in the following cities:

  1. San Francisco
  2. San Diego
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Phoenix
  5. Washington DC
  6. Boston

As you can see, its limited to six sites, three on the West Coast, one in the Center and two on the East Coast, not much of a spread.

What will the deal cost?

Compact $189 week

Crossover $219 per week

Electric $229 per week

These prices include insurance, unlimited miles and routine maintenance which is a great plus. However, the downside is that it lasts for only a month, 28-35 days and the minimum is one week. Which means it's a short time solution that has to be renewed every 28-35 days, for drivers seeking a long-term solution this might be good until they find a car to lease or buy.

Maven Gig app

  1. Download the Maven Gig app
  2. Acknowledge the TOS (terms of service)
  3. Fill in the registration screen (create an account)
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Enter your driving information
  6. Pay the $20 drivers screening fee
  7. Reply to an e-mail verification
  8. Acknowledge the Maven app terms, which includes tracking your mobile and vehicle.

Background Check

As with all credit deals, the applicant will go through a credit rating and drive background check. This usually takes a few days, but the applicant does not receive acknowledgment by email, so we don't know if a check is performed. Maybe the fact that they can track you is enough.

Pre-Approved Uber/Lyft Requirements

While you can get a rental before becoming an approved Uber/Lyft driver, it would be better to become a driver first since the normal rental agreement is more expensive than the rideshare one. By stating this point it is obvious that Maven Gig is not a pre-approved drivers solution, but a short-term solution for drivers that need to find a permanent solution but require a car for rental on a monthly basis.

Reserving a car

In the app, locate a car by taping the "find a car" option. If you don't see any cars, it means you haven't passed their background check. If you see a list, it will include all the cares available in your city. Just tap on the picture of the car to reserve it, make sure you know where to go to pick it up. Sometimes the list is limited, even in LA which is usually a very busy city.

Picking up the car

Once you reserved a car, you will need to schedule the pickup appointment. You just need to bring your valid driving license. Most Maen Gig pickups will be at GM dealerships, but this might change in the future.

End of lease

When your 28 or 35 days rental contract is over you have two choices, renew the contract or return it. If you renew it, via the app, you will still need to schedule an appointment so a Maven Gig representative will check to see it's in good condition. If you want to return it, you just drive to where the app tells you to.

Paying the Price

The app will make a hold on your credit card for one-week rental at the reservation stage. Then two charges will happen, they are charged every Thursday based on the number of weeks you rent the car. Every Thursday a new hold is placed and the previous week's charge is taken.

Using the Maven Info for Uber/Lyft

Once you have the car approved, you get a full set of credentials from Maven Gig to use for your Uber/Lyft approval. The documents are tailor-made to meet Uber and Lyft requirements, so you just need to take them when you apply.


Maven Gigi offers a basic state required insurance policy that is matched to ride-share needs. It does include a $1,000 deductible in case of collisions. This is only for nonpassenger or parcel delivery status. Once you are driving with a passenger, you must have either the ride-share companies insurance or your own additional private insurance coverage. Another fact to remember, the Maven Gig insurance only covers the driver, so don't let anyone else drive the car.

We always suggest you get private coverage, since the Lyft/Uber coverage is not enough, and you want to drive under a blanket of total insurance coverage.


All Maven Gig cars come with unlimited mileage and basic maintenance for free, so you get the GM OnStar service automatically, and there is a special OnStar service button in every car. Make sure you know where it is located.

** Lyft Express Drive**

Maven Gig rental drivers are not eligible for the Lyft rental rewards, so if you do drive for Lyft, compare their Express drive program and rewards before you sign on with Maven Gig.