Many questions are answered by....location...location...location

Inland Empire is not a location. It’s a wilderness compared to L.A. After the rate cuts I moved to working almost exclusively at LAX. The airport is the big cheese where the $20 and above rides happen. (You can read my posting about procedures somewhere on here.)

My routine is thus: I buy a cup of coffee at my local 7-11 at about 3 P.M. and casually drink it as I drive from Hollywood westbound. Where ever I end up sipping the last drop is where I turn on my crack-phone. Usually I’m in Beverly Hills. (High end neighborhoods my friend!) I usually get something within about 15 minutes, if not sooner, and I’m off to the races. I then drop/wait for a second ping/ride. And then, after I’ve got a couple of rides under my belt, I head toward LAX, radio silent, no distractions, no deviations. LAX pings like no other. (You can read about my LAX procedure.) I PATIENTLY do about 3 to 4 LAX pickups because they take a long time. But, they’re in the $10 to $60 range.

My goal is to gross $160 daily. ($1120 weekly is possible without killing yourself). I usually finish by working the Downtown/Hollywood corridor by 3 A.M. (I take a lot of breaks.) to hit my mark of 10 to 15 rides. And then it’s back to 7-11 for some spicy chicken wings!

in Los Angeles after expenses uberx is a minimum wage gig with no boss and a great view that’s it.

nobody makes 1500 a week or five thousand a month like the radio ad said when you signed up

You don’t need a TCP to do pickups in the LAX “area”. I’ve already posted my non-TCP LAX procedures on here. You can receive pings from inside the airport. Call or Text the passenger to shuttle out of the airport, LOT C Shuttle, a free bus run by the airport to the Cell Phone Waiting Lot.

Only partially correct. There may not be skill involved in becoming an Uber driver, but I believe skill is involved in remaining a driver after a couple months. There are plenty out there who didn’t have the skill and have since been deactivated. Additionally, I’ve seen many a post here of people who couldn’t become a driver for one reason or another. I do agree that it is relatively easy as compared to something like getting a real estate license or a legal TNC driver.

I’ve seen others post on here that we shouldn’t expect much more than minimum wage doing this, but there’s something being overlooked with that statement. Okay, low skill level, relative ease of start-up, and no financial buy-in…but how many minimum wage jobs (other than maybe pizza or Jimmy Johns delivery) require the use of your own vehicle/gas other than a commute to and from? The risk involved in using our own vehicles should warrant a greater potential payout. I see many complaining about $8-$9/hour doing this after expenses. It’s hard to imagine anyone being satisfied with that unless you truly have nothing and it’s all you can get.

I am familiar with the workarounds. And the smart pax will drop pin slightly outside of the airport and text and call me right away. I just never have received a ping from INSIDE the actual lax terminals. The app does not request any rides from within. I’ll test it out but I doubt it’ll ring. And if it does I’m scared it might be undercover police, yikes!

How much time is involved, waiting for passenger to get on shuttle, shuttle driver loads luggage, shuttle get to your location, passenger gets off shuttle with luggage, passenger finds you, you load luggage and passenger.

Just to be clear, by inside LAX, I mean the passenger orders from the airport. The UBERX driver NEVER goes into the airport property to try to get a ping. There’s no need. Just park a couple of blocks outside of LAX and your iphone will receive constant pings.

I am thinking of doing this, I did close to the same thing at Ontario Airport CA, when i drove taxi, I was not an airport taxi, so would have clients take shuttle to car rental at east end of ONT, but i am worried about the one or two ******* clients that complaint to uber about being asked to shuttle out to my location.

My experience since September, when rate changes pushed me toward LAX, is that 1 out of 5 passengers will take a shuttle. The clients that are future complainers never make it to the shuttle stage. They cancel on their own. I hear, “I’m not taking a shuttle!”, (mostly females I might add). Also, “That’s a pain.”, “Oh never mind, we’ll take a taxi.”, “I was dropped off by an UBERX.” My response, “Please cancel.” and on to the real passenger. I weed out the complainers after the first text. The one’s that are agreeable work with me to get to the car.

1 in 5 sounds about right, some of my old taxi ads can still be found on the net in the IE, they ask if I am a taxi, when I say no and start to talk about uber most hang up, only about 1 or 2 out 10 callers say they will down load the uber app.

I am thinking of getting commercial insurance, because many are callers me for ONT and LAX drop off.

This is very useful information. Thanks for posting it. I was under the impression that the area with geo fenced and that passengers could not pinget Uber X drivers from the airport. I guess I was wrong.

I just worked 8hrs (4hrs in morning commute) (4hrs in evening commute) only grossed $179 this is also with Lyft NOT Uber. And my region is san Francisco. This isnt working out anymore

I started in August 2014 for 4hrs I’d make $200-300 so in 8hrs (like the shift mentioned above) I expected $400 or less.Oh and according to Lyft those were PEAK hours.