Make your own judgement call on what you are willing to do

I always get out to assist with luggage/bags, etc.
Sometimes the minute I pop the lever, they are already opening the trunk and placing bags in. I still assist if needed.
Sometimes they tip, many times they do not, however I never do anything JUST for a tip.
I do it because I would appreciate someone doing the same for me and it gives me yet another chance to stretch my legs and arms.
I do not always get out and open doors. It simply depends on the circumstances, especially depending on how and where we stop, even how they are dressed.
In general, if I am already out and helping with bags, etc, then I will open doors if they have not yet. While I may not worry about dressing up or providing things like water or gum, I do believe in good service, though I do not trip over myself to provide it.

I generally get tips. I load. I unload. If I were an uber I might be prompted to ask “I’ll consider loading your luggage, if you’ll consider a tip”.

I always hop out of the car and get the bags and load them into the trunk. Unload them too. I want my 5 stars and a possible tip, though truthfully I rarely have received a tip.

I load and unload anything going in the trunk. Don’t want pax dragging stuff across my bumper. If they tip, great and 5 for them, if they don’t tip, it’s 3 as I drive off, especially if I see them tip the bellhop or anyone else along the way.

It’s about 50/50 on airport rides for me. Way less on other rides. Non tippers are a 4 at best. There are a lot of 4 riders out there. They’re really nice, trip is good, but they don’t tip at all. Someone gives just a $1 tip, they’re 5 from me. .

My general rule of thumb is to treat the Pax the way I would like to be treated. When it comes to my car, stand back… I got this! Not to mentioning in a perfect world, a tip will follow

The same happened to me when I started. 1 tip in 20 trips. I’ve found this number to be more like 3-4% of clients will tip you. So in the next 70 trips you should receive 3 or 4 tips, on average.

For Uber, generally I don’t unless there’s a physical needs type issue. I’m happy to help then. When I drive Lyft I usually do, mainly because Lyft encourages tipping in the app. Never got a tip from an Uber pax for loading, always get a tip from a Lyft pax for loading.

The tip’s already included with Uber, didn’t you know? Never got a cash tip with Uber riders for loading bags. All the mints, water, and loaded bags in the world won’t increase the chances of a tip when you’re dealing with a system that says not required and so the pax doesn’t carry cash or doesn’t think they need to.

I’m with the other fellas, I’m worried more about them inconsiderate, cheapo to scratch my bumper. To get my bumper repainted it costs me 350-450 dollars. And gives me the opportunity to stretch my legs and arms.

I try to help out with loading and unloading. At the very least, it keeps things moving. This is a college town, some of these students have incredibly heavy bags. As I get older, I am more and more wary of the possibility of injury. My habit with heavy bags was to quickly jerk it off the ground using both arms and then using my thigh to guide it into the trunk.

In my opinion, and this seems to be echoed by some of the long distance bus companies who work this area, if the bag is too heavy for the pax to handle safely, it is too heavy for a driver to handle safely. Such bags, I see too it it gets loaded by myself and the pax.

I’m not gonna work that hard for a buck or two averaged out to less than a quarter per ride. My bumper has a rubber protector on the top so I don’t have to worry about paint damaged.

Some out-of-towners were going on about uber drivers in other cities and how they’ve gotten fruit roll-ups, candy, sodas, water. I asked if they tipped those drivers since they were so impressed by them. All of them said no and were somewhat confused by the question since they “thought the tip was included”.

Hell yeah next time I get a pax praising an Uber driver I’m going to ask him/her the same question. Then just crank my tunes and take them to their destination and tell them to have a nice day.

I don’t beg for, or in any other way solicit a tip, but I am quicker at getting bags in and out of the trunk than the pax, and strong enough to lift every bag. That said, there are some heavy bags sometimes.

Tips are not included with uber.