Make up biography about myself to my passengers?

Like i grew up as a child soldier in africa.
or that i am traditionally married to three wives and i do this to support them and our 8 children.
'could be any type of story!! every pax is an opportunity to play a new profile.
but you gotta ALWAYS keep a serious straight face and NEVER break up character! :sweat_smile:

I haven’t yet - but I have thought about it because for one, my story isn’t that exciting; two, I found I end up giving out a lot of personal information (nothing too private, but still); three, I get tired of saying the same thing all the time.

I got tired of almost 90% of my customers everyday asking me if I’m Hawaiian because of the Hula Girl scent I have on my dashboard that I just lie and say yeah I am

U risk them giving u a low rating :joy::joy::joy: like u give a fuck

When is it getting busy with schedule for getting more rides in which areas in philly?

This is how douchebag guys pick up a woman for a one night stand. Make themselves more interesting to get a better shot. Smh.

still count as sex as long as it gets the “job” done! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

nah. I had ethics and morals when I was single. Don’t have to worry about it now, I’m married.

I get questions about the light bar on top of my car, which ends up with them asking me all kinds of questions about being a firefighter, or if I am wearing clothes from my day job they ask about the city transit.

Alwaysssss! Lolol the other day, i was the inventor of the gum wrapper, retired of course. Pshhht. :joy:

scoffs My life has been so extraordinarily weird, I tell the truth and people think I’m lying.

That, I can truly relate to. Though, for me, that makes telling stories all the funnier.

I don’t think this is cool. Says to me you’re not interesting in real life or ashamed of your reality. Why even waste extra brain energy creating a back story for someone in your life for maybe 10 - 20 minutes? Some of you put more effort into these passengers than you do your actual dates, significant others, or own selves.

Exactly. He admits to being a troll on here. He’s one in RL too.

Those kinda tactics show who you really are. Dishonesty is wrong in any form. I have plenty to share with my pax, I don’t need to make things up. There is always something you can find in common with people but it takes a little effort. Don’t be a lying scumbag, it not attractive!!

Exactly I like the brief meeting of people even if it’s just a quiet drive, and I LOVE seeing all kinds of new nice places in town to potentially own a home. The window shopping and seeing what the rest of ATLiens are out there doing with themselves, their various lives and lifestyles, are interesting aside from of course getting paid. :). It’s people-watching on steroids.

every once in a while…yes …but i think if i do it all the time…im going to have a guilt trip.

Nope…Can’t…No imagination and inability to lie prevents me from doing this…sigh…sounds kinda fun though.

I drive in Denver. I like to put on a very heavy Texas/southern accent while I talk about growing up in Chicago and my ties to the mob. I always like to say good bye and have a great day, nice meeting you however without the accent. Just to make them think twice. It’s fun!

I do this at times to f*** with people but then again I also do it when I’m riding as a passenger to f*** with drivers :joy::joy::joy: