Make the 40 hrs worth

I don’t think it’s much to understand. I have been driving around 4 months, only drive Lyft (pools, regular and Lux) and don’t normally clear over $100 in 6 hours. I don’t get Primetime on Lyft, just the stupid heat map. I just think this is something that you get better at as time goes on. There are many conflicting tips out there as well. Rideshare is definitely trial and error. If you aren’t in the “in-crowd cliques” then it’s likely you’ll miss out on pertinent real time tips and info. My point is you can read the tips, try the tips, try and figure out strategies all you want but only time will benefit you in this game. I will gladly admit that I have spent over 40 hours driving in a week and only made $700. So veterans, chime in and tell me what I’m doing wrong, other than the same sitting at the airport speech and driving the wrong time of day (I’m a night driver). I would gladly accept your help so I’m maximizing my time.