Make a point at jobs to get out and stretch every two hours, regardless

In the semi, I can stretch my legs at my seat to alleviate some pain, and I’m constantly moving my legs to avoid the risk of DVT. When I drive at night/weekends, I have my seat where it’s comfortable for me, if a pax asks I’ll move it up some, but every couple of hours I get out, stretch and the get back to it. Sometimes, that stretch break might just be to get out and open the door for a pax and/or loading luggage. When you get home at night, try stretching some and an ice pack on your lower back for about 20 minutes.

I try to get out and stretch and walk around my car every chance I get. When picking up riders, I park, get out if its a safe area, and pace back and forth, walk around my car and stretch some. Even with that, after being out surfing uber, my back hurts too.

I’m sure a professional truck driver knows more than I do and can chime in. I’m willing to bet most people do not have their seat in the proper position. Move the seat bottom forward and back on the track so that you can press the brake pedal all the way down with your leg stretched.

Move the seat back up and down so that your elbow is almost locked when your hand is grasping the steering wheel at the top at 12 o’clock. Adjust the lumbar support last if you have one. Go back and fine tune those adjustments. I raise the seat height last if you have one.

Get out and stretch,walk around every 2 hours for at least 5 minutes.good for circulation also. Do regular stretching and range of motion exercises every day.
Check the internet for exercise to relieve back pain.

Not quite the same as being done by a professional… Unless your partner is a masseur. I would rather pay a guy at the mall than to beg for one with Mrs. Bill Collector. It’s all about those points. Oh, yoga ball helps tremendously too.

As someone who’s really into fitness/nutrition I recommend a foam roller. For those that can correctly do so, you can lie on the foam roller starting from the upper back and roll to the midback. I’ve heard overrolling your lower back can be dangerous so I just stay on my upper/middle back.

Lower back pain is a normal occurrence for me after driving. I also work a desk job during the day so that doesn’t help. Then, I get kidney infections easily and I try not to drink water or fluids when I’m driving because I just want to make the money and get it over with.

After seven years I can’t say enough about YOGA. It always keeps me more strong, straight, and most important, not in pain. I’ll add that the last few weeks I have been enjoying the beaded covers I found cheap on amazon, the pax love them too

My CDL exp. is what keeps my pax safe, driving 80,000 lbs gives me the patience to not park on top of pedestrians, or “nudge” idjits out of my way. Drive for Lyft/Uber, gives me the patience to…

I had problem with my right leg and buttox in the beginning. It took good 1 week rest before it gets better. I suggest you cut down on the driving to 3, 2 hours for the next 2 weeks to see if any improvement. Sometimes you just got to say no to money for your health sake.

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You gotta get out and walk a bit every hour or so , also you may just need a different car . I had a rental Hyundai Elantra I was working with and it was miserable my back and legs hurt like crazy after an hour or so . Now I have my car back and it’s not really an issue however I still get out and walk around a bit . I’m a 32 yr old who is very over weight so I’m sure that doesn’t help