Mail it or have her come get it

Game time:

I took this girl 50 miles away from Long branch to Summit and then to Irvington. When I am just about home I get a message that she left her wallet in the car.

What would you do?

Drop at police station, or take back for fee with destination app on both ways so you get some rides.

use the Uber riders app and price the ride form you to her and tell her you’ll charge her the ride one way to drop it off (used to drop off cell phones until I drove to 40 miles and person didn’t even give me a tip)

I like that.
Give a break based on good will.
No good will, thank you, lost item fee.

hopefully Uber will consider it as returned.
Keep us updated.
I’ll send you a $1 through FB.
(I sound like a pax)
I’m sure several others here do the same. Some will not.

I’d give her three choices:

  1. I can mail it to her Priority Mail (2-day) for the $15 return item fee. I pay the postage out of the return item fee and the rest is for my time taking it to the Post Office.
  2. I can mail it to her express mail overnight for the $15 return item fee plus she sends me the postage via Venmo or Cash App.
  3. If she wants me to drop everything and bring it to her immediately, she can request an Uber ride from where I am and I’ll bring it to her right away (no return fee, just the fare).

When people get out of my car I remind them do u have everything and I always open the door for and I double check

Mail it and collect the return fee, as I have done. Mailing costs less than the return fee, even priority mail.

Whenever Lyft adds compensaion after the fact they do so as a “bonus” - even cancellations. Every $5 cancellation fee I get for immediately reporting unaccompanied minors and no child seats gets added as a bonus. It’s just how Lyft does it.