Made the 325 bonus for lift doing 20 trips a day

I can’t do this again the majority of it is short ghetto shared rides which only makes it possible. I can see why Lyft does this because if there was no bonus for doing that everyone would do uber. 142 rides would be like 1500 with Uber.

$1033.53 - INCLUDING THE BONUS - on 141 rides? You beat the hell out of your car for $5 a ride to get that bonus. Even AFTER the bonus youy made < $7.50 a ride.

Yew ain’t shit yo! :joy::weary::joy::weary::joy: :point_right:t4:”What a sucker” I’m dead! He probably was proud of himself. :joy::joy::joy:

Listen here…it’s been times I needed extra cash right away. I did whatever fits for the moment. Either way the money can still pay something.

I wanted to rent a car for $150 for the week. I was making over $200 a day with Uber. Shit was pop’n…then that dried up quickly. It’s been hella slow so I won’t do it.

I prefer Uber. A lot of people say that they make more with Lyft. I never did. It was always just extra money when Uber was slow.

Stop showing your ignorance side. Go get educated on the history of slaves across the world. And come back correct

I haven’t done LYFT in a while …they pay a little more but it takes forever to get pax at times than uber

That shit is photoshopped. You can see the evidence right in the pic. Look at some of the font. You can see a faint grey border around it.

They used to have real bonuses and you could get 100 percent back now they just try to monopolize time. You gotta drive smart. I switch back and forth.

Let’s just face it people. Uber & lyft is slavery. Only way it’s worth it is if you can continuously get back to back 45 minutes or longer rides