Lying Passenger

So I have a few hundred rides and a 5.0 rating. I just received an email from Lyft saying a passenger accused me of looking at them in a way that made them uncomfortable. The only passenger that I can think of that would have possibly told this lie was a girl who looked to be in her 20’s. Of course Lyft won’t say who made the accusation, so I have to guess about who it is.

She and her friend where going to the mall. They were both in the backseat and she keep saying to her friend that she was having a panic attack and nervous. After a while of this, I asked if everything was ok. She said she was going to a place that had bad memories and was just nervous. I said, “something bad happened?” She said yes and I said, “just making sure you are ok.” Everything seemed fine after that and I didn’t think twice about the ride.

As a 38 year old adult male, this makes me mad. Knowing what some female can accuse me of without reason. I guess it is time to get a dash cam.

she just want to get free ride,i was deactivated for ever,fron uber,even I had over 4000 rides,with good ratings,close to5,when Hispanic,complain about rasist remark,i speak Spanish myself and my wife is Latina,so did not make sense,those companies are absolutely rutless,hej take them to court,for wage discrimination,i already got some money,etc,also do not sign the arbitration clause,that will present us this moth,I opted out with uber and is whole diferent game,cauu