LYFT starts to annoy me:

  1. They pay less per minute and mile than Uber
  2. The minimum fare is lower
  3. They keep bitching every time you reject a stupid “shared” ride, AND henpeck you with whiny emails, while Uber leaves you alone
  4. Their bonuses aren’t as good as Uber
  5. Their app sucks
  6. They try to sneak in the dreaded shared rides without an opt out option

I hardly ever drive lyft for all the reasons you mentioned. It really upsets me when they bother me about refusing rides

I will agree with you on everything but the app. Lyft’s app is much better than Uber’s. The navigation actually works for one thing!

Don’t let the door hit you in da azz
Amazing how people complain and have the option not to do it yet here they are still driving for Uber or Lyft

OMG they have done that too me it would say Lyft when I accept it then shared when I get there…

The other day they pissed me off because I accepted a shared ride because it legit was down the street but when the timer ran out it told me to call him since when the fuck does shared do that bitch they get a minute and a half then no show the fuck

Why I haven’t “Lyfted a finger” to drive Lyft since Oct 2017. I’m doing good enough w Uber. The first time Lyft re-routed me and took away a 45+ ride and gave me a ride 2 minutes and like $3.70 I gave a huge middle finger :fu:t4: and never drove again. Uber don’t pull that :poop:. If you get a Uber ping and it’s a 45+ ride, you DO that ride. Uber don’t take it away cuz there’s a request closer. F that!

  1. hit the last ride button so that you won’t be automatically given a shared ride

it gives you another rider if you’re already giving a shared ride.
If you have a normal Lyft ride, that’s your last ride and Lyft doesn’t automatically put a Shared rider in your queue

Lyft pays me exactly the same as Uber here in Austin, though prime time is far less common. I actually see more bonus offers here. Less available rides though.

Lyft and uber pay exactly the same in my market, lyft is definitely losing business but there are to many rookies willing to drive 20 mins away so lyft will never pay long pick up like uber does

2 more reasons I hate Lyft:

Their deductible is $2500
You have to be selecting that you have arrived, picked up the pax…to much nitpicking…

Here the minimum for Lyft is 4.50 while Uber is 3.75. Uber used to be 5.21 but they lower our rates by 28% last summer. Now the pay per mile is almost the same. The only thing I like about Uber better is the long pick up fee.

Lyft/Uber pay the same here for minimum fee. In Park City, Lyft pays more.

We don’t have shared rides, so I don’t care about that… lol

must be your market, i dont get bothered by emails … then again, i dont have pool or shared rides in my market either so i don’t have that hassle.
i would probably opt out anyway.

In my location (a college town), I make much better money on Lyft than Uber. And, the UBER “help” line is worthless.

I started out as a ride share driver doing only uber. I heard good things about Lyft and then started driving for both. I am surprised so many drivers seem to prefer Lyft. I prefer uber because of many of the reasons that you mentioned. And the most important thing is that uber has much more action where I reside. If you don’t drive for Lyft for two weeks they send you one of their wonderful surveys. They asked why I do ride share. Duh. I do it because I love putting miles on my car and burning gas.

you’re absolutely right. That’s why I driver Uber mostlt (until I get my bonus) & then make a minimum amount of Lyft rides, which end up being 2 or 3.

It’s important to realize that rates are different in each city that these companies operate, so it’s not exactly accurate to say one of them pays more than the other, or that a minimum ride is $x. Keep this in mind when talking about your own experience.

That may be the case for your market, not for mine. Please remember this is a national group and what may be true for you, may not be for others. In my area, Lyft pays much better. I only wish they had a larger market share.

Lyft’s bonus in my market are WAY better than Uber! Never got streak bonus or ride bonus when I drove for Uber. Lyft removes bad raitings from riders and uber wont.