Lyft’s New Heat Map – A Good or Bad News for the Drivers?

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Uber’s and Lyft’s surge charge and prime time pricing can be a big earning booster for the drivers who drive during the busy day. However, not always drivers get to earn a reasonable sum of money even during the busiest time of the day. Sometimes when they keep the app active during the busiest hour of the day, they don’t usually see significant earning potentiality. Due to this reason, the drivers typically work long shifts at the time of surge charge.

The Uber and Lyft drivers usually work on the target of making around $30 each hour. With proper effort, the drivers can make ends meet even with the recent fare cut. However, the task of making a big buck is not easy anymore. The best way to handle the fare cut is to work hard to get more passengers. Complaining about the low price will not help much in earning more money. The concept of working hard and getting longer rides will not be suitable for everyone. However, if you are not happy with the life you are leading, or the financial situation seems troublesome, you will have to take proper measure to deal with it. Depending on fate or other people to find the right solution for you will hardly help.

Heat Map – Defining
With slow progression, drivers are getting familiar with the brand new Lyft’s app. The app displays heat map, unlike the previous app which displayed other driver icons. At the inception, the app faced stiff opposition from the drivers. They argued that the other driver icons were an essential part of the application. The designers of the app turned deaf ears to the complaints. For the past few weeks, the app along with the new features is making round among the drivers. The complaints had been against the exclusion of the other driver icons which is quite essential according to the drivers.

If the information from Lyft is correct, then the map displays the Prime Time location in real time. The darker the pink square gets, the drivers get to see the more prime times. In case there is no prime-time, the map will be blank.

Does it Affect the Driving Style
The drivers who zoom around in the busy hours would know of prime time. However, with the new app, now the drivers could see the prime-time location on the app. It will give them an idea of where to move for the big buck. The previous app did not offer this luxury. It did not allow the drivers to track prime time other than moving the pin of the passenger side of the app. With the pink square, the drivers now can log in without trouble and see the prime time situation on the driver application. It has made the life of the drivers a lot easier and has opened up the potentiality to earn more money.

The application would have been an idea money maker had it shown the other drivers as well. However, in the busy hour when prime time is running, the other drivers will not make a big difference. The existence of prime time itself shows that the demand for a cab is higher than supply. Due to this, the drivers usually understand that an adequate number of drivers are not available around the area. The passengers’ request holds high value in the Uber algorithm. At the pick hour, the drivers never wait a long time for a request. It shows that the request for the cars is higher than the numbers of cars that are available.

The prime time is good news for the drivers mainly because this gives an idea of the prime time situation. You will get to see the demand area displayed on the map. However, it is not a wise idea to chase the prime time. Use the prime time indicator as a prediction of how the day will unfold. Chasing prime time is a big mistake which many drivers end up making. It does not matter whether they have experience in Lyft driving or they are starting up, drivers usually in their haste to earn more money go to the place where the demand is high. Usually, this does not make sense unless you know that the prime time will last for a while. Otherwise, you will keep chasing the prime time like a wild goose and will never be able to get hold of it.

When to Chase Prime Time
Drivers should have a strategy when it comes to prime time. There are times when you should go where prime-time is showing. Bar closing time is one of the crucial time for the Lyft drivers. At the usual office closing time, the demand for a Lyft will go up without any doubt. If the drivers go to the areas with bars and restaurants at the closing time, they are bound to get the prime-time.

Special events can be fiesta time for the Lyft drivers as well. Whenever there is a special event, the demand for Lyft goes high. As people request for Lyft increase, the prime-time rises as well. Pro drivers would instead chase the special events, even if these take place at the outskirts than exploring the posh city areas.

During holidays, the demand for Lyft keeps rising. It is one of the reason; the drivers go to the residential areas during the holiday time.

The drivers are worried about the non-prime-time. The best thing one can do is to wait around an area after dropping off passengers. However, waiting for more than 10 minutes might not be a good idea. It will take some time to get used the area you drive.

It is time to speak out your mind. The Lyft app designers will benefit if they get to hear what the drivers have to say about the app. It will help them when the time to update the Lyft app will come. The company likes to increase both passengers’ and drivers’ experience. Therefore, don’t shy out from voicing your thought.

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