Lyft PAX tried to outsmart me

I arrive at the address, her son immediately jumps into the car and sat my mother is coming. I look at the countdown. At 15 secs left, I tell the son to go and check to see if his mom is coming. He gets out at 3 secs left, I pull off and cancel the ride. :joy::joy:. I guess she thought since her son came to the car she could take her sweet time. Not Today!! I’m sure the poor boy got cursed out for leaving the car foiling her plan :joy:.

It’s not even the point. In this case, the customer was actually already picked up and then because he got the son to exit the car he tried pulling a fast one on the customers. Bottom line, you already picked up the customer, just start the ride and start billing them regardless of what happens.

I know in my situation, my mother fell and broke her hip and had hip replacement surgery a few months ago. Getting around with her safely is important and sometimes she must travel alone . if some Joker pulled this on her I would be furious and there’s no telling what I would do.

Drivers act like the customer is the enemy when they are not. Customers are just regular people just like us. The one we should be mad at is Uber for putting us in these situations where the money sucks and we are angry and frustrated and unfortunately we take it out on the wrong people.

At the end of the day we are providing a service. If you’re going to do it then at least be human about it and stop looking for the slightest angle to screw people. I’m not saying some people don’t deserve it But I just think that this story is not funny in the least bit.

I see why you’re upset and I do think this was a little mean. He already had a body in the car and he could’ve started the trip. And waited another minute or so.

Now here’s where you’re wrong if it’s a pool ride and somebody is waiting and the 2 mins is up how is it fair for the next rider who’s outside ready to go like they’re supposed to. So if you’re mother has a bad hip she needs to be outside ready to get in the car (like we are supposed to know her situation) before the time is up. If this were a bus with a scheduled time to leave would we be having this conversation? And what do you mean there’s no telling what you do? As uber policy he had every right to leave so you can’t do anything on that end what are you gonna do assault the driver because you guys are late getting to the vehicle.

It’s the customers issue is with uber not the other way around and not getting enough time. I got left ordering pool in California cause I knew nothing about did I strangle anyone? No it was a five dollar lesson to be on time and look for your vehicle.

some people deserve it. Like if this would have been some hoochie welfare mom trying to get into a uberpool or Lyft line with three kids and she’s holding you up then that’s just somebody trying to get over. If you have some pothead and his other pothead buddy ran back to get weed then that’s annoying.

In this situation the driver said that the son got in the car and told him his mother was coming. Like I said, bottom line is start the trip we don’t even know if the mother was 10 seconds away or 1 minute away. Just based on the the facts given I don’t see it being unreasonable to wait a little. Obviously if it gets out of hand then action needs to be taken but to do what the driver did was just downright scummy. countdown clock or not.

As I’ve written about before on these forums, it is behavior like this that affects all drivers because it’s a bad experience for the customer and it just affects future tipping and ratings for other drivers who may be innocent and may be good drivers.

A phone call to from the pax explaining or requesting extra wait time would have been courteous. It goes both ways.

But yes, cutting the anchor was a little bit of a dick move.

I would have called myself before it got to 5 minutes so i would be guilt free on a 5 and drive.

Cut that anchor. It’s easy to just call and ask for a few minutes I’ll wait three more minutes. But dont send out an anchor.

It’s the only way to teach the customer to be on time. Let them complain to Uber or Lyft. Wait time $$$ is pathetic. I would wait all day if I was being paid, and 10 cents a minute (or whatever) does not count as getting paid.

The Pax was trying to pull a fast-one and that is the bottom line. Good work on the Driver’s part. We are not a charity transport, we are independent contractors trying to make MONEY. If this rubs people the wrong way, SO BE IT.

BRAVO to the DRIVER and I bet the PAX won’t try that again. :slightly_smiling_face:

That happens a lot a lot
Slick Lyft riders, either they pull that or call saying they coming down.