Lyft passengers tip well than Uber passengers

I got a Lyft ride a while back whose name was “Administrator.” After hemming and hawing he finally showed me his phone and I could see his app also had “Administrator” listed. He said he recently signed up, and couldn’t figure why that was the name showing. Gave him a ride, he left a quarter in the backseat to insult me, but the joke is on him. I was glad to get some kind of tip from these cheap passengers.

I dont cancel because they are people that simply set up a nickname on their account, drivers can set up a nick name as well. Famous people ofter use nicknames The real name is in ubers system

Uber doesn’t deactivate for acceptance rate, that would make the drivers an employee. As an independent contractor, you choose if you want to accept a contract or not.

Do you really believe some guy is taking an hour or so out of his time to run off drivers from an area he thinks he owns? Lets see…how many drivers would he have to do this with to make a dent in the amount of drivers in that area? How much time would that take?

Too much time. Legit or not, the driver posting this is wasting time on all fronts if this is the case. Better off just picking up pax or hanging up the keys if they’re that worked-up over it.

Do you know who you are talking to? I am the best driver in the world and I am also rated 4.99. Don’t dude me, dude. Uber stopped deactivating for acceptance, cancellations they still do it.

Let’s see that 4.99, like it matters anyway. And no, I don’t know who I am talking to, and last time I checked, I don’t owe you anything. I’m constantly told by Uber how great I am in my market. What does that have to do with the subject?

I had a pax last week with the name of lucifer. I said are you serious? Some how he said he forgot his password when he made the acct. Uber has been in MN for 4 yrs now. And I guess they could use what ever name they wanted.

You’re not providing service at all, if you cancel a ride, it isn’t “bad” service, but non-service. Uber needs to give people rides that they will accept for the prices offered if they are concerned about delays, or reduce expectations.

Nothing of that level yet. Though I do pick up people who are using an English sounding name, and not there birth name. These people are all international students.

I agree with you. You have the right to refuse service to anyone. That’s the beauty of being an independent contractor. If you don’t feel safe, you don’t have to take the passenger. If someone with a fake names requests me, I would cancel. If someone in the hood requests me, I would cancel. Safety is more important to me than $5 for a ride.

In the past they have said you are allowed to. In most cases in society, there is nothing wrong or illegal with using an alias as long as it isn’t for fraudulent purposes. Then again, this is Uber, so…

We need pax photos so bad. This morning I had a pick up in, let’s face it the projects. The building is situated so streets are around the outside of the courtyard and all the doors are inside. Pax walks out to the street, but it’s on the opposite side of where the GPS has the pin. Having no idea of what she looked like, I went right by her.

I picked up a few My’s because whatever they signed up through had My Account under the name section. Also picked up The Grinch lol Used to give a shit but now as long as they can tell me the name that the request is under idgaf.

Honestly I will pick up anyone regardless of their name. Half the time I pick up people who had a parent or friend request for them. Doesn’t matter to me either way.

I cancelled on “boogeyman” and complained to Uber. I told them that there was no way I was picking up anyone with a fake name associated with violence.

I had a pickup tonight for “Queen.” 1.2 miles away. Since I was the pawn, I took it. Queen ended up being a very polite lady, and everything went smoothly with the trip. Sometimes you just never know.