Lyft if you don't want me to take the Pax don't send it to me

Okay need to vent some frustration with Lyft. I get a ping get on my way and the pax calls me to confirm and tells me she needs a round trip. No problem I say glad to do it I’ll see you in about five minutes. She tells me it’s her first lift ride. We hang up. 10 seconds later I get a cancellation message from Lyft saying the rider had cancelled. I find that odd we just had a brief pleasant conversation and confirmed I was five minutes away. So I’m curious as to what happened. I continue to her pick up location hoping we will be reconnected. I had no intention of going to her door or anything that would be inappropriate I just wanted to see if someone else was going to pick her up and what do you know as soon as I get to the area I see another Lyft driver pick her up. I know there is nothing I can do but it pisses me off. That is all I feel a little better now😡

sometimes Lyft cancels your ride and sends the passenger a message “we found a driver closer to you”. They should not do that after they call you. I had a guy who was not at the right location, but he called me and I was just pulling up when Lyft did that. So I could not drive him and I am with him now. Then he had to call other driver.

The other day I picked up some guy and he said that he got that message and then got the ride with me. He was happier because I had a bigger car and he was a very tall guy.

Ya that would piss me off as well. Try to stay positive and hopefully your get some rides. Stay safe out there

I literally right in the subject section I’m not filling in a subject so I don’t get redirected. Then I pick random stuff in the other fields and I write about whatever I want in the comment section. That whole redirecting me to the help page is really annoying like I can’t read or something. But you can also Facebook or Twitter them

Yes this same thing happened to me right after a phone conversation I get the cancellation

i hate when lyft switches you with someone else and then they cancel… and the person they gave your original ride to is all happy n shit

They harp on me about my acceptance rate, but send me requests that are 28+ minutes away. I’m not taking those!

I’ve had lyft forcefully give me a ride I wasn’t even fished with one with it gave me the other as soon as I got drop off it was already there to accept. She was litterly down the road. But I have never had that happen

Have had many Lyft cancellations recently. Quickly, after ping. I believe it’s Lyft doing it, not passenger.

I was on the phone with the passenger when they did it. I understand the reasoning but it doesn’t really seem like it’s even working out the way lift wants it to. Because it seems like the driver and passenger in these cases have communicated pickup locations road closures Etc and lift has them starting that process all over when they switch the driver. But we get to use the cancellation button very few times but they can cancel on us as many times as they want? If they’re going to do that, there’s no reason to lie and say the passenger is canceling, and they can offer us $0.50 or a dollar or something each time they switch a driver

I’ve been thinking about anger lately, and if it is ever really called for. What is the appropriate response in any particular situation?
Most people are really not out to piss us off. You don’t really know what happened, except that it was her first ride. Maybe she messed up and hit the wrong button. Who knows? Don’t take it personally.

I had this happen last
Saturday. PAX put in wrong pick up address. I asked PAX to update And I would head to his actual location. I had PAX in car and it said he cancelled. And I asked him why he cancelled and he said he didn’t. And his phone told him that a driver closer to him was would be there And literally. He was half a block down the road He messed up and put his pick up location as his destination.

It was way worse in the old days, driving cab, you show up as another company is pulling away from your pickup, they order 3 diff ones and see who gets there first, complete bs!

When I worked for advance auto parts we had a garage who would constantly do that. There were 3 parts stores nearby. He would order from all 3 and then send the slower deliveries back. We put a stop to that it was either use is or we won’t deliver to you.

I had a request, when I came , It was a 4 people family. A father had a phone in his hand. When I was about slide start a trip. I had a cancel massage. He just pushed cancel accidentally. Do be angry, we don’t know what could happened

Happens way to many times. LYFT will switch to another driver and we receive that text thinking it was canceled.

Yeah!! So when we bitch that we didn’t get paid the cancellation fee. They come up with some excuse. Cuz it took me 18 minutes to get to my PAX and he was sitting in my car and lyft cancelled it and sent him a new driver

I had more rider cancelations with Lyft in two weeks then I had with uber in a year, as well, lyft is barley providing 10% of the rides I do with uber, you have to wait much longer for a lyft rides, so I don’t…