Lyft Destination mode sucks

It gives up too soon. I set it again, rider request comes through, I accept, they cancel within a few minutes, and I keep heading home. It gives up after a few more miles, I set it a “4th” time, pax request comes through, I accept, she immediately cancels. 2 more times she requests and cancels within seconds. Bam. Destination mode used up for the night. Lyft sends a text that I used it 6 times and I need to wait until tomorrow. I shut it down and close Lyft. In the meantime, my Uber destination filter never gave up, and it is limited to 2 times. Hmm… needless to say I sent Lyft a message concerning that they give me a cancel fee, and the “mysterious actions” of the rider… waste of my time.

** Update edit ** Lyft paid me a cancel fee out of their own pockets. Thank you Lyft. Heh, $5.00 extra. Still, could have made more. Working hard for my money, $5.00 at a time, slowly.

I had problems with the LYFT destination mode deactiving before I reach my destination. Do you run both uber and lyft at the same time? I found normally UBER needs to be on top for UBER driver to stay online, and LYFT usually doesn’t care if it’s in the background. In desination mode it seems (atleast from my experiences) that if lyft is not on top, it gives up on the destination filter WAY to fast… Just wondering if someone else has noticed this. If I have JUST LYFT running destination mode, it will stay online for my 2 hour trip from palm springs to san diego for example.

Interesting… but Uber gives me more rides as it is more popular in my area though. Yes, Uber being the big mean biting nasty dog it is, it needs to be on top or it goes offline from inactivity because you did not feed it enough food. Whereas Lyft is just the kind gentle little Chihuahua that looks forlornly on you begging for petting. Lol.

seems the roles are reversed when it’s in destination mode. I use my IPAD, teethered off my cell phone usually. When I’m in destination mode when I go on longer trips (I go san diego to palm springs and back on a regular basis – 2+ hours of travel each way). I usually put LYFT on my cell phone nad uber on my tablet… So I have both of them able to run in destination mode, and my LYFT does not crap out of destination mode with the lame message that it can’t find me a ride. In theory you should never get that message while your in route to your destination. Mine now stays on from point a to point b…

I don’t know why they cut you off ! It should cut off when you go off line! Makes no sense!

For about 2 weeks it shut off after 30 minutes in my market and then quickly went back to the 15-minute cap.

Drives me batty too, I commute in to my market 45 minutes and when I head home it cuts off within 6-8 minutes! :angry:

Perhaps trying to set it for a (popular) destination beyond your actual destination, If you get a ping you may have to go further than you had planned, but you also have more control…

Tonight i tried to go online with destination mode, but the app wouldn’t go online. Then i got a text from lyft saying i used all six destination mode settings! I never even got online! Emailed support and got a jackass response about how to use destination mode. I turned on my uber app no problem.

My biggest gripe is how both apps turn off after 15-20 min, using up one filter. Um, I get dragged up to an hour + away from home!

They recently fixed it to give 6 and lowered the time distance. It’s a complete step backward. Bad move LYFT please reverse it.

I have had no luck with either. I was driving to kc from stl and set both. Uber wouldn’t let me set it farther than maybe 50 miles… lyft gave up and said they couldn’t find anyone going in that direction.

That Lyft does not re-set your Destination count on a PAX cancellations sounds like a Lyft software error. That makes no business sense. Try communications with Lyft.