Lyft counts missed requests against you, not just for the PDB

If you get in trouble with lyft for something they will use your acceptance rate against you.

Customer service rep told me I missed 237 requests this week. I told her do you expect me to drive 25 minutes to pick someone up? She answers with an attitude saying yeah these people need rides, why are you not accepting them?

I asked to speak with her Manager and she tells me she’s the highest person there. Yeah, Managers always are the first people to answer the phone.

The only way I would go that far is if was surging. Wouldn’t a 23 min pick up time define a lack of drivers and hence implement higher prices?

I continue saying this is why i don’t pickup any call for Lyft over 7 minutes away Caps Locked 7 minutes away ONLY 8 minutes nope

Not when its surging I don’t have that kind of time. Plus why should I waste gas so have them cancel a trip. I don’t drive around looking for a ride. I sit and wait for them to come to me. They don’t pay me to circle around for a ride

Did this the other day and it took them about 15 min to cancel it on me. Then I kept getting the same request even though I was even farther away.

I have to say that I have done this. Lift calls it “bail out” and will cancel the ride. Besides sending you 25 minutes away it is always to an area that pays less per mile

So you drive in New Jersey and you claim to have passed up 237 rides this week I find that a little hard to accept

Last week I received two requests from 27 minutes away. NeedIess to say, I declined those requests. I also refuse to accept Lyft Line requests because those riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. And we all know that Lyft demands a 4.6 rating. Lyft has sent me four nasty emails about my low acceptance rate, but I don’t care. I would rather pick up random hitchhikers for free than drive 27 minutes to pick up a rider or accept Line rides.

I drive for lyft in NY (Westchester County) I got a ride to pick somebody up in Long Island 45 minutes away. The rides on average are over 15 minutes away. But I stick to my guns with Lyft and Uber and don’t take rides more than 10 minutes away.

So if you took every pickup of the 237 you claim you “refused” at an avg of 10 min with driving to pick up and drop off that’s almost 24 hrs if driving, wouldn’t that violate ubers own policy of 12 limit on driving?

You said lyft said you refused 237 trips in 1 day, you don’t say “they are crazy, how is that possible” you just go on to say I don’t take 25 min trips, then you say you’ve done 10,000 trips, I call bullshit, so post a screen shot of your 10K trips or STFU YOU FUCKIN* IDIOT…10,000 TRIPS, WHEN DID YOU DO THAT LAST WEEK LOL

When I said 10,000, if you read what I wrote, I said if I wanted to miss 10000 ride requests its my choice and I can miss them all