Lyft App Going Online By Itself

Lyft app went online by itself. I was eating breakfast and got a request. I never even opened the app today. Has this happened to anyone else?

This bothers me because it brings my acceptance rate down. And I’m supposed to be at least 90% to qualify for the hourly guarantee. Or whatever you call it.

But that’s the best! To be able to lie in bed and get a ping cause you live in a correct part of town full of opportunities! It’s definitely made a case for me to not move to the boondocks.

You know, last night I could’ve sworn I turned off lyft when I got an Uber request, and next thing I know I’m getting a lyft request. Maybe that’s what happened to me.

I contacted support. No response yet. If this brings my acceptance rate down to 89%, they literally don’t have to pay me about 200 dollars. I hope they’re not doing this on purpose.

I was sleeping, and Lyft sent me a push notification saying my acceptance rating was low. In my half sleep, I clicked the notification, and it put me online. Thankfully the guy canceled, and my rating went back up to 100% lol

It is rare and hasn’t happened recently, but I have gotten phone calls from passengers even when I haven’t driven for days. They never go through

Before that I think I missed a request or maybe got one and canceled, I vaguely remember it. And I’m pretty confident I turned it back to offline. But I could be wrong.

I haven’t driven all week on Lyft, but b/c it turned on two times - I only noticed b/c I missed the rides twice- so my acceptance rate dropped to 60%.

Btw y’all is there a way to check your ride history with Lyft, like what you missed and canceled and all that?

Do you have any problems missed rides requests with the Uber App? Last Thursday morning, I thought that I did accept all the trips and then when I look at my Uber Driver Partner App. And saw the hourly guarantee promotion rates acceptance rating drop down to 67 from 100 percent which means I missed one or two rides requests and I don’t think that is right but now 75 percent after I tap to accept the last trip before stop requests during morning rush hours hourly guarantee promotion. I did report to the Uber and got a response from the Uber. I think this sounds alike tricky to me. Maybe they drop my acceptance ratings because I turn on both Uber and Lyft Apps at the same time. I know there was only first rider cancel on me and it should not be affected by my acceptance ratings. I always tap accept. I don’t know why it drops acceptance ratings even though I tap all of rides requests.

You all know that if you see the request come in, you can either close the app completely or put your phone in airplane mode before the request stops and you keep your 100% acceptance rate. Keep it closed for about a minute then open it (if it doesn’t reopen itself) then go offline. I do it to avoid Line requests during rush hour or If the request is too far away.