Love me some strippers

So in the last 4 days, I’ve picked up and/or dropped off: Paris, Destiny, Lucky, Jade, Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, Lincoln, Dreamy, Stormy, Jordan, Havana, Kitty, Lux, Rhapsody, Venus, Zaria, Zia and Vegas. #OTC#HookupCentral :joy::weary::blush:

Don’t pick up this person! It goes without saying he’s not the Houston Rockets’ James Harden… He’s an awful Uber VIP rider who will change destinations on you as many times as he can to keep the ride going!

I picked him up at a strip club on Westheimer, he got in my car and ducked after he told me to drive around to the back side… Turns out he was ditching some girl

Then he changed destinations on me four times… We went on a wild goose chase because he wasn’t happy with any of the destinations once we arrived… Finally, 55 minutes after we started, I basically said, I’m close to home, ride is over.

That’s why you get all the crazy’s cause you work at night lol I was supposed to be up at 6 but I was sick last night ugh. But I am getting ready now.

I picked up a chick name Latoya she went from the hotel to the Burger King corner to meet up with her two friends that was wearing shorty shorts and short shirts

Got a Canadian $20
And American $20 for a trip after I took Calvin from Centerfolds, to whataburger then to hotel on 2.6 surge