Lost of an item

Hello everyone, I forgot my cell phone in an Uber car on Friday 27 April, I reported the lost of an item to Uber and They directly put me in contact with my driver. I could get in touch with the driver and he told me that he found my phone. We were supposed to arrange a meeting in order to get back my phone but it has been 2 weeks, and he doesn’t answer my call anymore.what am I supposed to do ? It is urgent because I will leave the USA in a couple weeks.

@lilounette You need to contact Uber customer service again and explain them what happened after you contacted the driver. I think at this point Uber will ask the driver to drop-off the phone at the regional office.

Okay, thank you ! Can I find a phone number for the Uber Customer service or everything is online ?

You can only contact uber customer service through your app. Select the trip you had problem with and go to help options. Ask them to call you on your number or for a number you can call them to resolve your issue.

Or you can go to their uber hub in your city. Which city are you at now? Going to the uber hub will be your best option. They can call the driver and resolve the issue.

It’s very helpful thank you. I’m going to go to their Uber Hub!

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