Looking For Uber or Lyft Ridesharing Insurance

So, I’m looking to get insurance for driving with Lyft and Uber. I tried progressive, and at first, online, they said $200, then $124 a month after that, I believe with the personal with ride-sharing endorsement. But then I talked to them on the phone, and they said I needed more than that, and switched it to $500 and $300? Is that right? What EXACT type of insurance do we need to drive for Lyft and Uber? I’m in Dallas Texas.

Rideshare endorsement. I’ve heard ppl paying as low as $5 extra a month. Shop around.

You need commercial insurance.

No, you don’t. Many companies offer a rideshare addendum or Ryder which supplements uber/lyft and covers you during times u/l don’t.

They will tell you full commercial is required if driving 30 hours or more per week. The truth depends upon the state in which you operate.

It depends on the state. In some states you need commercial, in some states you need a rider, and in some states, it’s covered by the rideshare company.

Most people obtain a personal auto policy that has a rideshare endorsement…no need for commercial If all your doing is Uber or Lyft…Personal auto Is going to be less than commercial…call around and talk to educated insurance agents…not all of them offer ir…not all are educated on what you need.

I was in an accident, and it depends on the agreement you made in the full coverage policy when you signed up. Luckily the person that hit me was at fault, and my insurance company canceled my insurance and wouldn’t let me get it back

You have coverage while driving on the platform; they cover you. You’re covered on your insurance at all other times, it’s a cat and mouse game, and you might want to consider having a reserve of cash of $2500.00 for the deductible on Uber/Lyft. You absolutely do not need extra coverage, and your insurance cannot drop you. It’s all part of legality in the insurance industry, and they want you to think it’s a bad idea to rideshare, it’s not. What it does is it takes other people off the road and prevents accidents. Insurance companies like to sue each other so they can get as much money as they feel they deserve and not care if you live or die.