Looking for a better side job at the moment

This has pretty much been my life for the past month. Can barely get any uber/LYFT rides. It’s been so slow. About to give up on uber. Who else is in the Mount holly/Cherry hill-ish area that feels the same way?

there never used to be all those drivers in the area 4 months ago. it was like me and 1 other guy. now theres like 5 other drivers.

That happen when people said i make money in uber and tell pax you can do uber too you could be you own boss

some lady at a friggin stop light asked me how i got into uber , like she wanted to do it. im like seriously??? everyone and their mother wants to be an uber driver now

When pax told me that i said umm its depend the hour or your location also uber made too many cuts and bla bla bla

There are more than 5 :wink:

Those cars icons may be representative of a grouping of drivers.

i usually drive at 6pm and i used to get a tun of rides and it would never stop. but now i look at the map and realize theres a shit load of drivers all around me at all times.

Not there but that is what my neighborhood looks like - or worse. Usually 5-10 other drivers are surrounding me.

Don’t be discouraged. Just turn it on anyway, you’d be surprised that youll still get requests even with all them cars.

I find I make money when I just go anywhere, where no one is. And then I just follow where ever the pings take me. Trying to “hang out” anywhere as some kind of strategy, statistically has made me less money, in the short two weeks I’ve been doing this. YMMV

I didn’t have to wait THAT long. On my way to my drop off, I would get a notice that someone had been added to my queue without asking me. It went steady till after midnight when some guy a few blocks from my house had me take him to the Park casino in Bucks County, PA.

Try finding an elderly person who actually has a smart phone, I’m sure many do but it’s still a hard sell.

Uber needs to lower their rates some more in NJ so that more people will use them. Then you can make more.

If you’re not making money driving for Uber, you’re doing something wrong. I will agree that the customer service is a racket however.