Long trips is where the $$ is at, playa!

I’d trade 7-11 runs anyday for a nice 40 mile trip. Wanna trade? There is no trip filter. I can understand heading out one way and deciding whether to dead mile back to your stomping ground or wait a while and see if something pings. You really never know where a passenger is going, you can call a passenger and ask them where they are headed. You can decide then. Though they may be able to place a complaint on you.

I understand about the money being in long runs, but I just don’t want to end up with a 3 hour commitment. Tampa to Orlando, for example.

Threr is no way within the system to regulate it . One tactic I have seen drivers use is to state your limits in a text you send to thae passengers. SOmething like.

I will not trade for the Seven Eleven jobs, but I will trade you the forty mile trip for eight six mile trips. There is no money here in most trips but there is less money in the long trips than there is in several medium length trips. There is too much deadheading back from long trips.

I was thinking more along the lines of Dulles, Friendship or the Virginia or Maryland exurbs. Too far to go for the money and too long a deadhead back to where you can get a trip. To be sure, you can wait for something at Dulles, but those waits are too long to be profitable.

I am trying to remember the name of that transport service of long standing that specialises in Washington-Richmond transportation. Do UberX rates beat theirs?

I’ve not paid attention to Groome rates…lol…but my every other week tripper appears to prefer riding solo on X from DC and I’m not dumb to mention other options

I had two errands to run that was about 10 minutes away back towards home - that I was going to go to anyway so it was maybe another 12 minutes to get to the first one.

OP, you can cancel the request, option: ‘do not charge rider’ for any request you do not want to complete. Just make sure you do not start the trip or the pax could 1 star you.

I prefer longer trips. Technically you can make more with a bunch of medium trips, but if you hit any dead time and it can hurt. Long trips are also more gas efficient and less wear and tear.

You don’t know where your rider will want to go. I prefer to give good service, because, here in southern NH, we are relatively new and need to build our business. I have had non-surge trips during the past 3 months which paid $150, 134, 120, 88 and 122, as well as 10-12 $40+ trips.

The $122 was New Year’s Eve at 10:45, and took me away from the 12-12:45 surge business, but I made out reasonably. I preferred to deadhead back rather than explore the Boston suburbs on New Year’s Eve. The long trips do not usually result in tips, but I never push for tips.

40+ mile trips are very rare so you won’t have to worry about it that much. If you’re THAT cautious about overlapping shifts then give yourself enough time to go offline earlier than intended to start your second job.

Uber does not allow partners to indiscriminately cancel passengers due to the length of trips (long or short). Asking ahead of time like texting them where they are going before accepting the trip also applies.