Long ride 60+ costs vs pay?

Maybe it’s just me but I think Uber should have a built in charge for long trips that take us out of our market by 60+ minutes that would cover partial return drive… Don’t get me wrong most times I go ahead and take the ride especially during covid slow times… But most times it ends up lowering my hourly income due to dead heading back empty…

Thoughts or best practices? Anyone??

I concur! Its been a challenge

Two weeks ago, I provided my first long distance trip from Ashburn, VA to Ocean City, MD, 184 miles, 3.5 hours travel time. Fee to me was $180 plus rider tipped $40. Fortunately, that occurred at 10:AM, so no rush hour nor holiday travel. BUT have to drive that route back home, have to pay my own gas and no compensation. It’s dead time, where I can’t earn a wage. That’s the last time I’m doing that. Unfortunately, you take a ding on your ratings for refusing a ride. Last week, at 4PM,I had to refuse a trip from Reston, VA to Richmond VA. I refused because that route is via I-95, at rush hour. I wouldn’t have gotten home until 9:00 PM at the earliest.


Long trip are only worthwhile if you can get a ride back to you starting area. Otherwise you burn gas and time driving back home making it a money loser.

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If you take a longer fare what i do is i set my destination to my home address and take the back roads instead of toll roads i can usually get rides c coming back to my destination.

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Not a bad idea, I’ll do similar in parts of southern maryland or dc to avoid certain areas of trouble and attempt to pass thru profitable areas.