Little trinkets don't guarantee a good rating

I had water, gum, cables, first aid kit, bluetooth radio transmitter, A/C running, etc. in my car. Sometimes I offered, sometimes I didn’t, depending on pax. As I said before, no one ever asked for anything, even though they could see it or ever took it when I offered.

You’re the one who got booted by Uber in less than a month. Your ratings and comments must have been spectacularly bad. You’re not cut out for this industry. The sooner you realize that and move on, the happier everybody will be.

I’m actually good at communicating how I feel. To REAL people, that is. And the reason I was deactivated is because everyone I picked up had a party of 3 or more with them after dark. Not exactly gonna get the best ratings from college kids.

The best virtue one could have is to take consecutive criticism and also learn to self criticise. Be absolutely sure that there is not a thing you could have done better before pointing the finger at the community.

As an independent contractor you are responsible for your business. If my ratings begin to decline you better be sure I’m asking passengers at the end of their trip for any feedback as I am trying to make everyone’s experience better.

I have to force myself to bite my tounge every day… Never mouth off to drunks or anyone. You won’t win a battle that allows people to rate you after they are out of arms length and feel safe. You must make a lasting impression.

Especially new drivers should not drive a lot of drunk collage kids and especially female riders until they have a very good feel for this job.
They should be selective who they pick based on ratings at least.
A rider 4.8 or higher is more likely to rate you fairly than a rider with 3.5 rating.

Probably got a bunch of undeserved bad ratings because you lacked the experience dealing with the kind of pax you picked up. But, I am sure there are some bad ratings you really earned. Otherwise, with 80 completed trips and uber not even waiting for 100 rated trips before they terminate you tells me there is more than what you are willing to tell us here.

Another thing that quickly brings anyone’s ratings down either as a driver or a rider is the moodiness, grumpiness and unhappiness. People have a bad perception of you if you are not playing your entertainer role.

I’m sorry, I call BS. 80 trips and you’re under 4 stars? You have to be sugarcoating it. 70% of my rides are college aged and Mass has some of the most self-entitled kids around, I have a 4.94 on my last 100 rides. Something you did or something in your car makes people not want your service.

The college kids are your problem for the low ratings. Turning off Uber for a while and seeing how Lyft does. There’s about three drivers that hang out in the city where I live, so hopefully that’s less than the number of Uber drivers in the same area. Also, sounds like Lyft Paxs are much nicer.

I think it’s tough for older drivers trying to work areas with mostly college kids. I tanked horribly in the first few weeks. Then I switched to days and stayed away from college areas. Gradually the ratings came up and I tended to hover just over 4.8. You may not have options, given the geo-demo-circumstances of your location.

If u couldn’t keep uber pax satisfied with your service,it will be very difficult to keep up with Lyft riders,also they have a mentor which might be a hurdle for you.Are u a smoker? Have bad breath? Body odor? Have u ever noticed disgust in any of your pax’s face while they decline the goodies you offer.

You got warned of being banned from this forum,someone wants to shove their huge boots up ur ass, hasn’t it awakened you that you’re bringing the worse in people and oh these are all helpful and kind drivers of your kind… Having much empathy for you, imagine what you do to the other kind (Pax) who is trapped in ur car.

As for your ride, there are little gizmos you can buy on eBay for $20 that light up with an Uber logo. Just search for Uber. Cops don’t put up the Uber trade dress in their window.

College towns are no excuse for bad ratings. I work in Atlanta, the land of 1000 colleges; Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, Emory University, Morehouse, Georgia State University, Westwood, Savannah College of Art, the list is endless. All I deal with is college kids and I have a 4.93 rating.

World class customer service is what equals to great ratings. As in reading customers to know when they want to perhaps not to talk much or wish to talk to the other person they’re riding with. Recalling that your passenger is indeed the paying customer thus providing world class customer service at all times. World class customer service as in: smiling, always greeting warmly, being patient when the customer cannot come out right away, calling or texting for the gate code and building number instead of sitting lazily at the leasing office to let your customer figure it out, pulling up correctly on pickup or drop off so the customer can get in and out safely, unloading luggage, offering the front seat, keeping car cleaned daily, stopping at pit stops if the customer requests for you to do so. Moral of story: if you want 5 stars, first you have to give 5 star service! It has nothing to do with candy and water! When you go to a restaurant do you base your rating of that restaurant on them having desserts and drinks perhaps free chips on hot sauce or do you base it on the customer service over all and from your server? Most base it entirely on the customer service experience they received.