Little advice for every one

You should be very happy and outgoing with the hellos and how are you, after that, you drive! and don’t say a fun king word unless spoken to, these people are not looking for a friend, just a ride, if they want to talk, do it! never disagree, avoid giving an opinion, and smile when you talk. yea its uncomfortable giving a 30 min ride without a word, but the rider wants it that way or they would engage you in conversation! simply put act just like your rider, if they are quiet you be quiet if theyare looking for a fun conversation, give it to them, I think of myself as a 1st class bull **** artist and these skills come in handy dealing with such a diverse group of people!

Excellent advice! My only other suggestion is to offer to let them pick the music and let them know their comfort is important by asking them to let you know if the temperature gets too hot (if heater is on) or cold (if AC is on). I’ve yet to have anyone tell me the temperature was bad, but they always appreciate me offering it.

in fact I had 2 riders last weekend, first time anyone asked were the water and gum was at… I told him it was the end of my night and was on my way home when I noticed there were no drivers in the area so I did one more just for them…(not true) but I got a 5$ tip at the end of the ride, instead of 1 star!

If any of your documents are out of date Uber London will deactivate you straight away.

It is a condition of their Private Hire Operators Licence.

A bit annoying as even if you update them online you get a delay.

You can go into the Office but it is not close to my house ot the areas I usually work so you are looking at 4/5 hrs out of your day.

As such why would any Uber driver expect to be allowed to work when their docs are out of date.

This is not school this is business

Yes it is real life “brother”

So stop behaving like a child.

Have a read of your partnership agreement.

Or better yet.

Start your own App and then allow your drivers to pick up members of the public with no proofs of Insurance and any other documents

NO MAN ! That’s not what I meant. The risk is too high, and Uber isn’t stupid. Your brain fills in the gaps where there is holes with bias based on existing info…hmmm

…reading between the lines AND reading your comments…I am personally gratified that you have been deactivated. Hope for the sake of other drivers and all pax, that your deactivation is permanent.

lol your the only one complaining…I don’t see whats so confusing…if you have a consistent job for a long time, lenders may not even run a credit check because people who have been employed for a long time are assumed to have good credit. I’m sorry I can’t come up with a better example.

The fact that you lost your cool with the uber rep and couldn’t communicate normally, confirmed to him, you shouldn’t be driving. If this is how you deal with stress in a professional environment, its not going to fly. You got deactivated because of your attitude dealing with the uber rep. You put the final nail in your coffin because of your attitude. Whenever dealing with a client or uber, you need to learn to be passive and explain your position calmly. You ****ed yourself. At least you’ll have time thinking about it while you look for another job.

That’s why I come on here and talk ****, I could never say or do what I put in print online. I wouldn’t have a job. This is the way we cope. This is our support group. But what we say and do here, stays here. Uber and the client gets the corporate smile.

You need to learn restraint.

Sorry if its too much for you to handle. But based on the way you came off here looking for help, I can see why you are deactivated.

You want help, but your giving the people that want to help an attitude.

Don’t listen to the Kool-Aid drinkers. Rideshare is not as easy as it looks and it’s tough for newbies who aren’t used to dealing with the rating system. Folks, remember, there is ZERO training in this deal. You know nothing when you start doing this. I’ve been doing this 6 months and I still have issues.