Limit any extraneous driving when you don't have a pax

Just find the nearest commercial location like a strip mall and sit for 10 or 15 minutes before driving any further. Get a card with cash back on gas and use it exclusively. Have water and a granola bar in the car to keep you from eating fast food and buying sodas. Try to park at intersections where you can go any direction quickly. Saves you driving the wrong way for a mile or two before being able to turn around.

Understand this doesn’t appeal to everyone. I think Clark Howard would endorse this though… In this neck of the woods, transvestites have to be imported, hence they come at a premium. Not sure but, I think you have to pay in euros or something. It’s complicated.

You do realize without TNC Gap Insurance you will be spending $1K deductible in an accident that’s your fault or if the other driver doesn’t have insurance, if you have a pax with you, your medical is not covered and you don’t get a rental.

Stick your used chewing gum under the steering wheel every time your shift is over. Once it dries out, it conjures up some flavor for the next time it gets chewed on. Rinse and repeat and save.

Dude, $45 gives you 5gig LTE / unlimited slower… Bring own phone OR use any operator’s locked (yes LOCKED) device with a 60-45=$15 starter kit that contains sims of all sizes for each operator’s phones…

Daily use fulltime eats ~4 gigs monthly,BTW… That’s with heavy browsing on top of rideshare, and the occasional video viewed. Don’t even bother using WiFi anymore

Don’t forget the pry bar, rich ppl’s fuel doors still lock properly more often than not And flashlight-integrated phone: wouldn’t wanna accidentally misjack the wrong fuel and mix diesel and gas.

Always wondered about that… I considered getting gum and water when my Lyft ratings went borderline BUT…I just couldn’t shake the feeling that random 30yo semi-unemployed dude offering just-met college chicks food and drink of unknown origin was VERY FREAKIN CREEPY!!!

never pick up pax that are more than about 7 minutes away. those are dead miles. you’re not only wasting gas but that’s time you can be on a trip making money. so you’re losing money. and if your route for pick up is to get on the freeway, you’re actually going further than you think.

Forgot another one. Fight for your money. If uber steals $1 from each of us a week, they’re pulling in millions a year. It may seem stupid to fight for a dollar or two, but if we all do it, it will impact them

My favorite car wash cracked down on Uber’s one day, and I believe it is because idiots go up there with their “U” on and draw attention. Here in Houston we are required to have separate stickers on the windshield that are unable to come off. I was lucky enough to be warned by an employee that the new manager is cracking down and was cancelling plans.

Now, to really save money, watch your driving habits. Since we are supposed to be “luxury” and not dirty, unsafe cabs, it is okay to not to take off and brake so hard. I drive very gradually and go just the speed limit. Nobody has complained, and I have not received a single ticket.

Since you have new tires, you can leave your spare at home and save some weight. Remember, you can leave your car on a street for 48 hours in most cities (of course this does not apply to busy streets/freeways. Call an Uber and go pick up your tire if you happen to get a flat. Uber is dirt cheap, so its okay. (you can now use that tire space in your trunk for your lunch/delivery bags, etc. Oh, you can use your roadside assistance to.

Great tips…I have att gophone prepaid… Happy with the reception quality but yes it is little pricey… All I can do myself as far as car is concerned is change headlights which I did few months ago. Tire change is coming up next… Tread is all but worn out…

True about a AT&T’s excellent reception compared to other carriers. I always get best service using AT&T. As far as using contract, I don’t think I am ready for the commitment.

How do you disable data for Google maps, I went into settings… data… Google maps… turned off mobile background data but when I use navigation it still connects. I have to put it in airplane mode or turn off the mobile data physically in order to get Maps to work offline, neither of these options is ideal.