Life is beautiful and feeling good. About 2 weeks after Lyft deactivated

Feeling good enjoying life without Lyft ,Uber​:blush::blush::blush: I’ve been driving rideshare industry about 6 years Sidecar,Uber black,Uber X,Xl,Lyft, Food on demand delivery Grubhub,Doordash,Caviar,Postmate…Rideshare companies help me my life taught me so much things learn lot things.Also had chance meet celebrities take selfie with them​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:It was good and bad experiences!!! I thought probably hard to live without Uber ,Lyft and thinking go back to Uber but after 2 weeks decided not drive anymore rideshare services get back my normal life and job.Actually really enjoyed happy now​:blush::+1::ok_hand:Uber ,Lyft was flexibility,help me pay my father’s medical bills about 60k ,pay off my all debts for lawyer fee about 20k for green card which is I get my TWIC card eligible work stress free well pay job​:+1::+1::+1:.Also really enjoy been member group sharing experiences help guide each other ,kind of virtual co workers feel like friends help each other ,sharing free express thoughts​:+1::ok_hand:
Bad experiences as rideshare driver is stressful,so tense,any time lost your job matter of second ,no rights ,kind of middle guy, someone can verbally attack you anytime but you can’t defend yourself if anyone like me limited english language skills!!! Probably pretty much deactivated because you had complain against money source of business!!! Especially starting early this year most paxes more sensitive ,support team Uber ,Lyft bunch of tech savvy young guys doesn’t know much what they doing following instructions without thinking sending email paste no have common sense??? But not everyone bad still good guys there!!!End of day this is job help you or destroy you!!! Try stay alive make money much as can always be ready worst stay strong!!!We are living greatest country of World​:+1::+1::+1:Imagine 20 years ago landing America no English,200$ in pocket ,one suite case with full of dream hope starting job Walmart 4$ hour 10 hours day 7days week after 20 years still believe in American dream!!! Sorry for anyone not understanding my thoughts make you headache lack of English writing grammar is bad!!! Please forgive me! God bless you all! Best wishes all!!! One for All,All for One!!!

Andddd you’re still on a rideshare drivers only page whyyy …?


No. People who aren’t drivers shouldn’t be on a drivers only page. Tf? You special or suttin?

Best of everything to you always. Thanks for sharing. You’ve earned your stripes as a ‘retired’ rideshare driver. As far as I’m concerned you’re welcome to this page. Everyone has a story about why we drive and what drives us. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Take care.

Thanks u for sharing your thoughts August . God bless you. I almost cry.

Blessings to you for all your hard work. Hope whatever life has in store for you is full of happiness, joy, & better money :heart:

May God Bless you for all of your hard work you endured during your days of driving for both companies … I love driving and a few weeks ago I decided to drive for the Luxury platforms due to a special fellow driver

So – what are you doing for money now (if I may ask)? Back @ Walmart – Manager now?
You did it, Dude. You’re a winner.