Let’s see if someone this ride from here get it

I just refused a trip going upstate NY 5 hours 330 miles because I do Uber and Lyft overnight and I’m just finishing now. Request was from East Hanover and going to Champlain, NY.

I would have taken it… I have a brother in that area so I could have combined the trip with a visit. Don’t forget, you can deduct the mileage on your taxes, which would help a little.

I’d take that!

Uber/lyft should have an exclusive Long distance service or mode kinda like other rider options.

This way, drivers can be matched up with a return trip so no one needs to pay extra unless there’s no passenger returning.

Your trip would have ended at the 4 hour mark in any event. Uber/Lyft limit the amount of time that a ride can take place, and will notify you to drop off the pax in a safe area and to end your ride. If not, they will end it for you. Good call, BTW

NOt normally. Uber/Lyft allow them to book the long trip, but as far as I know, they never advise about a potential change of cars along the way. The bad publicity that followed a few long rides in the last year or two made them both start enforcing the limitations on time/distance (with distance being around 250-300 miles)

I guess that only applies to NJ. I met a guy who drove a passenger from Florida to NJ; he banked about 1200 take home.

I’d have done it. I’d love to visit Montreal and it’s only an hour away from there.
Due to the four hour limit I would not do that trip on Uber. Forget about the return fee, I’ll negotiate a cash fare for the whole trip.

I’m so jealous, would have turned that trip into a mini vaca, my car gets 40 plus mpg highway, plus you make like 350/375 for the trip

Somebody in here is dumb and stupid enough to do this Uber X trip. And be like “ I make $50/hr on the trip”.

I can work an 8 hour ‘shift’ doing short trips dealing with a mixed array of pax and I wouldn’t come near $400.00. I would also not have a continuous flow of work. Or, I could drive the 4 hours use a little more gas and take the dead miles home and make double the money. No waiting for pings but the $/miles ratio would be bad. Is their more or less wear and tear on a long trip like that? It’s highway miles, no constant breaking no waiting for pax. What am I missing? I don’t get it. I don’t think I’m a dumb person and feel like I have good common sense. I would love to hear the rationale from all of you.

Get off your ass. Goto the bus station…get a ticket. Instead of BEING LAZY…and clicking on an app for some poor smuck to drive 500 mikes. Seriously you don’t get it ??

I just researched this trip to see what the pax would pay. Funny thing, uber did not return a fare, as I think it would be too long for their system to allow. However Lyft returned an odd answer: Metered. I’m guessing that lyft would allow the ride but the pax would be paying an undetermined price but based on miles/minutes. Also lyft returned it as 325 miles.

It would be 300 dollar trip sans tip/ tolls if you calculate using what we get for mile/ minute… but 10 hours of your life sacrificed. Lmao

Funny, I just tried to price it for my location on the Jersey Shore. Lyft told me it exceeded the maximum fare limit. Uber ask me if I was willing to proceed without a fare quote. When I declined, it didn’t offer any further options. Ha!

I once almost had a Philly airport to Montreal ride for $500 cash. Flight was cancelled and passenger was going to an airport hotel. I tried to convince him to ride with me. His boss wouldn’t approve that expense, they’d rather spend $200 on a hotel and have him miss work Friday
Darn it, Montreal is on my bucket list!

For you, not for me. I guess I’m too used to BLACK & SUV :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:, these UberX trips are just not right to me.

I carry my passport card on me all the time so I could drive to Canada on a whim.
I was the one who suggested $500 which is lower than the Uber fare. I figure I’d spend $100 in gas and get to cross off an item on my bucket list

Im curious how courteous the passenger was. I mean did they just hop in and go or did they try and give you the option to take them or make any necessary stops before you left, etc…

On a long trip like that the pax should text or call you. Regardless, I would tell them that we’re stopping for gas and a pee stop or two.

Last night I was in Lakewood, where most rides are 10 minutes… I was about to go home (I quit driving about 9pm) when a ping hit so I accepted without looking… Turns out it was a 92 mile XL ride to Spring Valley NY (end of the parkway north)… Good ride, parkway all the way and the drop off was 2 minutes from the parkway exit. No traffic to worry about and the PAX slept almost the entire trip. $145 with tip. Gas and return tolls were $27. Nice way to end the day (and my week, since I don’t drive f/s/sun unless its raining).