Let me remind everybody here that we are all under "shaky" ethical grounds

We lie to our insurance company, unless you are UberX with TCP license and commercial insurance, we have put people on Go Fund me accounts and we have made it difficult for Taxis who go through hell to actually drive people around. When you attack my character by calling me evil and all this sort of nonsense, you should really be looking and reflecting within yourself, because you, too, have jumped on the boat of illegal activities.

I’d say your approach is semi-legit and works in some circumstances. I say semi because you claim only picking up 4.8 or higher rated pax. A greedy driver (one who is paid adequately for voracious pursuit) will pick up nearly anyone at anytime without regard to much else than their own greed.

In is entirely in my own self interests and GREED to NOT DRIVE UberX for numerous reasons as you have only briefly touched on. But primarily over only 1 issue.

There just ain’t a whole helluva lot to talk about in this biz. If you want to make money driving UberX get the hell on the road and quit wasting your time reading about the **** for pay and the insurance risks.

You CSR’s can replace any one of us with some guy who barely speaks English. Not only are you a validation seeker, but you are a great liar. I bet you know how to lie even when looking at someone in the eyes with some sense of authenticity. Bravo!

I am just glad you thought about my entitled dick long and hard enough to reply. Maybe you want some of this entitled dick inside your entitled…hey, I am a gentleman. Sorta.

Our regional OP manager just changed. I gotta wonder if some of the higher ups just can’t bear to treat people like uber likes them too.

To uber, “partners” are a only commodity, not partners, not employees, not the driving source of their business. ha. pun.

You “enjoy”? You can change a rating for a passenger? Hmm. How do feel about passengers who give low ratings which are almost NEVER justified? Do you “enjoy” not changing the rating? Do you “enjoy” watching drivers being bamboozled by Uber??? Why are you here?

A much simpler technique is to use the reciprocity approach which is even stronger than the drive toward greed. Here’s how it works. At the end of the ride, say something flattering like, "Thanks for calling Uber. I’ve enjoyed having you with me tonight.

I see many people calling you unethical and complaining as usual. The way I see it if your rating drops into the deactivation zone, you do what you gotta do. I don’t see myself using this method right away but if and when the need comes, I’ll be sure to try it out.

The key to anything like this and not get caught, is to not abuse it. Once your rating is above the threshold that you need, stop doing it until the need arises again.

That’s an excellent point. Also, the driver rating system is so horribly flawed from a statistical point of view that the numbers are useless. That being the case, one can logically argue that it makes no difference whatsoever how a person raises his rating number, shy of injuring or threatening a pax.

It’s not so much that you adjusted the ratings, more that you’re doing it by lying about a code and hijacking their phone. There are other ways of doing it that are less sketchy. You could just make sure your phone is in their sights as you rate them 5*, and let them know you appreciate their business. I bet that would work. Most people want to reciprocate.

When people leave my car, I tell them, “I’m giving you five stars”, they almost always say, “you, too, bro” or something like that.

There’s always a higher road to take you to the same place, if you look.