Latest updated Uber app?

Any pros and cons on the latest updated Uber app? I’m afraid to update mine, mainly because I don’t want any changes on the trip filter (set destination) features. I wonder if the destination filter expires after one hour once you set your destination but still keeps you online? How about once you reach your destination, does it force you to go offline/online? I only drive using the trip filter and it has worked great with my other job and I want to make sure if there are changes before I update mine. Thank you for the help.


More steps to get the same results…keep the old app.

Thank you. I am sure, at some point they will force me to update the app. As of right now, I can stretch the 2x per day trip filter limits to 4x per day. I hope it stays that way.

I updated it two weeks ago. And it locked me out for 8 days. DON’T DO IT !!!Imagine the torture of not meeting the folks and getting paid !!!