Last week, on Rideshare:

-Line of servitude, where does the stewardship of a ride is too much?

-Is buying snacks, water, tip boxes and deluxe emblems worth the cost for a better ride?

-For some reason drivers still wonder why taking their spouse with them while ridesharing is not ok.

-Buying a new car for rideshare is like marrying someone that’s about to go into porn.

-Drivers post about buying concealed weapons after the choked out dude yet they get mad at guns.

-Self driving cars are here for your job and if I ever get one I’ll report it for sexual harrasment.

-Uber eats trips to McDonald’s? If there was any way to make McDonald’s customers even fatter it was to bring the poison straight to their door. Next up, Uberfeed, where you bring it in the house, hold their double chin and shove the food straight into their slip and slide esophagus.

-Ethicality of returning an item vs the inconvenience of it, with or without reward.

-Male drivers don’t understand how periods work.

-Rideshare employees on the page. Would rideshare be better if their lazy asses got off Facebook and actually did some work instead of copy and pasting the same fucking answers over and over again?

-Drivers say if you deny a dog you don’t deserve to drive. Personally, I prefer a pax that licks it’s own asshole rather than a pax that is one.

-Drivers post complaining about another drivers post… who was complaining about people complaining. In a related news, I’m running out of popcorn.

Anything else?

I do professional comedy and that’s the funniest shit I’ve seen besides the Uber stories cause trust me 3/4 of these pax are drunken psychos!

I was basically doing this to recover from a financial blow because I needed to get another vehicle to use for my other business to haul shit around I’ll be out of this in March and I started in January.

I’ve heard of a few comedies doing Rideshare to try out their material. You should try it.

How about 4 hampers full of laundry to make 9 bucks where does that fit in cause that was Sat night.

I’m going to stop reading posts during the week and just wait for Luis J Valcarcel Santana’s post every Monday!

I left out the dude that pretended to be an uber driver and assaulted the girl, the sexual harassment story on uber, and pretty much all the news articles on the page because they get posted 5 or six times a week

Oh and bodies in sleeping bags on top of Jeeps that was 3 weeks ago, he wasn’t dead the part halfway over the hatch sat up as I was exiting to go to the airport so it wasn’t a dead body, just a body on top of a Jeep at 6am on a Sunday after 7 hrs of driving drunkies around.

The driver that invited himself for a drink with his pax (she is a driver too) that led to a followup date with her dentist.

I couldn’t understand exactly what was happening in that story because she was saying it to make another driver jeolus or something… fuck it. It was just an attention call

Oh and the sex stories, the lady that was grabbing my schnuts while I was driving her home IN THE FOG so I’m like I appreciate it but like I’m trying not to kill us cause I can see 2 lane markers ahead if you wanna do something another day that’s cool.

Oh and the chick that fought with her bf, told me to stop the car cause she’s paying for the ride calls him every name in the book then we go on the rest of the ride and she’s telling me that dude was submissive and she wants a guy to domme her like 50 shades of gray and I’ve done that shit before but it was 430 in the morning and we were both tired and she wanted my number cause she likes to be choked punched and tied up while she gets fucked so Tuesday night was fun!

Oh and I have to hear the this Uber driver did this and this one did that, there was a crazy one in Kzoo that snapped and while he was ubering killed 7 people last year 90 min from my house, guess the surge wasn’t good that day.

How about the driver who claims to have a 5.0 rating because he has a giant screen TV (or something like it) in his back seat, and also wears coat and tie to work every day. :smiley_cat:

Oh and Sat night this last sat, the guy that had me pick up him and his girl from the concert to take them home and the girl wanted food and the guy says I’ll cook you nachos at home and she starts clowning him and actually we both did, we end up at White Castle and I found out why he was squinchy about the food, he was a BROKE BITCH she had to pay for their food cause he only had 10 bucks and that didn’t cover it and she was clowning him the rest of the way home. 30 min later I look down my rating was dinged and I got a ding for Professionalism so I know exactly who the fuck it was. Well in Detroit auto insurance is high like 800 a month and there’s a lot of broke ghetto people that say we’re the ghetto cab, I give EVERYONE 5 stars except the pukers and now this guy and I sent message to Uber support to change his rating to a 1 and told them the story, they said don’t worry about it and they guy said they shared it around the office at the greenlight hub it was fucking hilarious and his rating is now shit it’s like a 3 something, good luck getting a ride in the projects now bitch you gonna get fuck in shot now cause you pissed off your uber driver!

Oh and Uber navigation uninstall reinstall that app FUCK IN SUCKS FUCK IN FIX IT AND QUIT FUCK IN BLAMING US and I had other Uber pax tell me that other drivers were complaining about the same shit I was to the company.

So if you take your spouse with you it’s considered ride sharing. I would have never thought that in a million years, very surprised?