Last night I had a no-show

It was 2:00 am and I was on my way home. Called the guy to check on destination, said he’s ready, I said I’m on my way. Got there after 6 mins, he no showed. Texted him after 2 mins, called him after 3, cancelled and left. Got the $5.00 cancellation fee. Last night 2 cancellations/5 rides on Uber, 12 rides on LYFT with no cancellation, and LYFT pax were ALL waiting at the curb in the cold. I’m starting to get the cultural difference between the two. LYFT is more like the ride share it is supposed to be. UBER is just a dirty word for Taxi…

That would be torture. Some technology, sheesh. Hurry up and wait. Toes on the curb. My God they can see you coming! Pure torture.

And that fee should be applied to the fare if they do show too - wait time, $1/minute for the car to wait empty, X cents/minute en route.

It was in the previous agreement. And some cities like Houston have already had the cancel fee taken away. Dec 1st is when they dropped the hammer.
In my area I heard of many driver’s gaming the system. Which in turn pax will complain and Uber takes away.

They have always SUGGESTED 10 mins. I’ve only waited that long once and it was a 5.0 surge going 25 miles (I knew because he called to make sure I was coming–and I asked.

He was really drunk and I think had been cancelled on a couple times. He was very happy I got him and even 5 starred me in his driveway. Ping was 3 blocks off).

So p’d one night when I got a ping from someone at a bar/club where there must have been trouble - people flooding the street, leaving at once, police outside, etc.

More than half of the LYFT pax have told me that they support LYFT and not Uber because they believe that riding on LYFT is like asking your friend to take you somewhere.

They want to support LYFT treating the drivers better than Uber. Some of them despise Uber even though they do not drive for either. Many sit up front and talk to me.

Uber Pax are clueless, think we are Taxis, don’t even know about tipping, always late to show, enter wrong pick up addresses, etc…Uber doesn’t train the pax worth a crap. Last night I had a LYFT pax running up to meet me, even after I told him on the phone that I’m ok waiting for him and please take his time.

I don’t wait more than 5 mins for anyone here in Chicago burbs. If you aren’t in my car by 4 mins I’m sending texts/calling my client to ask what is the hold up. If they make it out in the next 60 seconds their all good, but beyond 5.5 mins your ass is canceled.

Now this may seem harsh, but time is money when you drive for a living, considering how little $$ we make now. The whole LYFT thing is just too weird for me, fist pump? Decor your car??

I’m doing LYFT without any of those things, and it has been fine. Only one guy fist bumped me in 65 rides so far. I drive Uber Select also so no funny shit for the car.

But on slow Monday and Tuesday nights when no Select customers are out there, I take a break from Uber BS by doing LYFT (for the more laid back atmosphere, conversations, karaoke in the car).

Some of you know this if you drive Lyft = when you cancel a ride for no show, Lyft app will let you know whether you cancel too early or not. You’ll know right away whether you’ll get the cancellation fee. So you don’t need to do a stop watch like on Uber.