Ladies hired me

Love tippers! Along with the ladies that hired me for a 3 hour private tour for $120 cash. Ready for our $4-500 dollars days out here once spring/summer hits. Today was a lovely $350 in 8 hours.

Unless you have too many drivers…
Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Keep your location a secret and you may be OK.

Damn I don’t want to say the city in case there are others nearby on here, needs to stay the gem it is haha. Somewhere along the coast of CA;) depends on if you’re going by the profile, not all is what it may seem;)

it doesnt matter if anyone on here figures it out, the average uber driver lasts 8 months as well as having someone who lives in that area see it and utilize the information is even more slim. I’d say at worst you might be looking at 2 additional drivers from this thread. I definitely wont ever be driving down there to work Haha.

they never last. Maybe make a few bucks today but they will give up and quit. Plus this group is spread across the country tons of them dont even live here in ca. Everyone knows the best place to drive in nor cal is Stockton and modesto. Haha.

More of this please, yeah let’s keep posting how much money we make on social media so we invite more drivers to compete for what already is a huge competition… sometimes I wish science would create a pill for common sense, you’d probably be prescribed to take it on daily basis. You made money! Good for you man, I really am very happy for you, but why post it on social media? What do you EXACTLY get out of it? For the love of God the posts on this page keep amazing me every single day.

not to mention he very proudly states taking cash money for the 3 hr tour (lol) which I’m sure the people that work at Uber trolls in our group just love to read about…not exactly smart to post shit like that about yourself

rideshare driver and only a small percent are even in the same state much less the same California county he’s in. I don’t see the point of bragging about how much you are making,but he’s doing nothing wrong by posting it in THIS group.

you got that much money in less than 30 min really cmon dude no way??? Yeah all you do is drive to the strip club the guy la get out go in and you get cashed out… If you have a business license and commercial insurance for you rides like that, I guess it’s all good. Still don’t understand the point of posting it for all to see here.

when there are always posts and complaints about people not tipping why not show the other positive side once in awhile too? Also isn’t this the whole point of “social” media? I mean, you’re posting on Facebook as well. “Look at me indeed.”

Wow! Must be nice. My record is $260 in a week. I’m on line from 5pm to 10pm week days and most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. Casper, Wyoming

My experience with randos offering ne cash is it’s generally so insulting I tell em to get fucked and drive off. Had a guy bang on my window, when I asked him what he wanted he said hey I’ll give you five bucks… um no thanks buddy.

Just be sure you don’t need to register with the city, county or state or you may find yourself in hot water if you don’t have the proper documents.

To me I see it as too much as a risk, and will not do it.

had you gotten into an accident on that cash trip you would be paying for the rest of your working career. NEVER worth cash. For wine trips I always just keep the meter running and they tip me the difference at the end. NEVER drive without being within the app. No amount is worth it when the S hits the fan.