Know your areas, pick your times, AND HUSTLE

I’ve seen a lot of people say they absolutely do not do pool rides (I have begun to hate them myself). But my experience is that most of the rides are pool rides.
So…do you still make the big money avoiding pool? If so…how?
Do you end up driving longer hours? Or is rejecting pool a luxery of part-time drivers?

Ultimately it’s all about your grind and hustle. You can make any request work. People avoid pool because it is the cheapest ride and you tend to get a lot of cheap individuals. Not always the case but you better believe that false reports do not come from any of the higher platforms. Just pool/line/x/Lyft.

But to be honest I can take nothing but pool and still out earn a lot of the people here.

It thrills the soul of a hoodrat to make those little stops for them to this point pools on the northside or not as plentiful and less aggravation and normally request during surge i think they fear the hoodrats as well!

I sprinkle just enough pools in to keep me movin, and keep my accept rate over 50%. I turn a lot down. Knowing your area and what to kind of expect def helps. I ain’t taking pool rides at all outside the perimeter. Never. I personally ain’t stressing a short downtown bar hop pool ride or something, tho.

since you asked. I’m a full-time driver. I am picky sometimes but I still hit my numbers, live comfortably enough to take off 2-3 days a week to chill, and never do more than 8 hrs a day unless I just want to. Don’t let this hustle destroy your lifestyle is the best advice I ever got.

It’s about how bad you want it and how your tip game is. Tips are the ultimate incentive to customer related jobs.

If you’re in the rental program… Pools help max out rides and peak rides for the week, and also help with guaranteed bonuses

I am part-time and I noticed that when I hit “no thanks” to all pools I get 45 minute plus trips. Plus, I start from my house!

I take pools sparingly…and when it’s smart to. Pools can be beneficial when surging, trying to complete a quest, etc. If you take all pools they send you…working harder for less money and more aggravation.

Don’t reject anything because lyft takes notice… Keep your acceptance rating above 95%… You’ll see the difference

If you reject pool all the time, I heard of people not getting requests or eventually they can deactivate. They want every rider to be taken care of. I do take some cause you want to stay in good standing

Today getting rides was like pulling teeth, I mean no pings… when I finally get one it’s a pool, I was like😃…and I HATE pools, I was just happy to get a trip …sheesh.