Kids running in the freeway. They "appear" to commit a crime

So today… 4 kids happened to appear on the side of the ages about 13 to 16 it seems that they committed a crime and decided to dash across 75 freeway traffic almost getting killed smdh so they luckily made it to the median but then I look to my right and I see one more. I didn’t wait to see what the heck he did because I had a passenger in the car. Don’t commit a crime then run be tough and face the consequences

Just how the heck someone supposed to get away without running?? The point of doing crime is to get away with it and NOT face consequences

He asked how they appeared to commit a crime and in my mind I am like why would kids be running across a busy freeway? Because they committed a crime. Unless it’s something the kids are doing now and days. I would have called out any other race as well

So they are guilty until proven innocent??? Do you realize people are being killed because of the same mentality you have… you saw them do nothing but run across a freeway… kids do stupid things it could have been a dumb ass dare or maybe just the shortest way to get home but you ready to send them to prison for any and every crime that happened in the area. You’re the only person committing a crime in my book… a crime against humanity.

Maybe they were just skipping school. You’re wrong to automatically assume they committed a crime with nothing more than them running across the freeway. Smh

They also could have been running for their safety after encountering someone else with your mentality

I wonder what kind of dare would make you run across the freeway. I think at that point they need medical attention with straps endangering other peoples lives and some of you are making excuses for them lol

No-one stopped to think that it might have been a monster that was chasing them so it was good for them to run across 75 to get away instead of getting help from the local police

Regardless of their reasoning for running across 75 it is sickening to see a black man label and criticize black children as criminals as if they don’t face enough adversity as it is. If you didn’t see what happened, offer to help, or find out if they were ok then keep your mouth closed and stop making up shit

lol y’all are the ones blowing it out of proportion here if you want to breed idiots that run across a land of hungry alligators by all means do that. Please give me a percentage from 0 - 100 of what you think those kids were doing on the freeway… Were these young black kids running from the law or was Godzilla chasing them to make them put their lives in danger… I’ll wait.

It looks like you run from the law all the time. Your dreads makes me think you’re dangerous. I can tell from your profile picture that you sell drugs and gangbang. You are also unemployed and living on welfare. And I would guess that you have been arrested at least six times. I don’t know you personally but since you are BLACK I believe these things describe you perfectly :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

You can say that I have no problem with that because you don’t know me until you get to know me. It’s sad that when i see a black person on the street that I think I am about to get robbed or something but it is what it is and this is what the Black face or any other face White Black Asian Indian if I don’t know you then my defense mode is always on. There are a few places where I don’t think like that but some places I do

What are those few places that are safe where i can put my defense down? I hate to agree with you but i feel the same too… anytime anyman is approaching on these atl streets, my finger is right on the

Taking your statement she/we DONT know you (and DONT want to) just like you don’t know these kids on the HWY but you chose to pass judgment. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. That’s an American saying… Let us all know if you need the meaning laid out for you.

I must be right? You can think whatever you want to lol I don’t walk around with an S on my chest and anyone can say anything until they get to know that person but just to let you know 80% of people are failing my tests

Parents need to learn to set a better example for their children so they don’t end up being the people in question. If you had a child would they even be in any situation close to that? People would be getting they asses kicked and will need to answer some major questions.

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Sounds like yaself. Because you do have a very ugly & assuming appearance. (the words u chose).