Keeping snacks in my car and my tips have doubled

I started keeping snacks in my car and my tips have doubled. It’s so worth it especially when you get the snacks for little or nothing. 12 Hershey bars cost me .87 cents, that’s about .07 cents each. I picked these up at Lowe’s Food for .99 cent each and used 12 coupons worth .50 each and Lowe’s doubles all coupons up to .99 cent everyday so I paid sales tax only.

I don’t drive anymore because I have a legitimate income now :joy: I didn’t have to do anything special to get big tips other than have a personality and a nice car. People tip for a good experience. If you have to add bullshit like this, you must be making up for something somewhere else.

someome may not see peanuts and then have an allergic reaction…

There’s a reason why those are on clearance at 711. No one buys those nasty things

Get ready for pax throwing wrappers in car and chocolate fingers. Yikes

i had a pax eat an entire butterfinger in my car. i cringed at the idea of peanut butter toffee shards all over my seat for the next person to 1 star me for.

Inspect your back seat and floors between rides. I just keep mints in a slot behind my console. No melting, good tips and zero - minimal mess. That charging wire is coiled around a tip jar.

In San Francisco you would get 1 star for giving out a Hershey bar. It’s too bourgeois.

It’s all fun and games until you find a melted piece of chocolate on your seats.

I love how people love to jump on people’s throats and kill people’s ideas. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. Don’t be a buzzkill or be a douche about it.

Nothing wrong with cheap amenities. Just saying, be careful with anything that can leave a mess. Same goes for people bringing food into your car. Check between riders - you don’t want the next pax to be the one who discovers trash and stains, etc., especially anything brown or red… :tired_face:

I wouldn’t do that. Anything and everything that can be ingested and digested is a lawsuit waiting to happen if your passengers get sick. Just a thought.

I do provide starlight mints and have seen my tips and number of ratings increase.

Crystal you did awesome don’t let let negative feedback keep you doing what ever you want as a driver. As many people on here stated it’s your own business so run it how you feel is best for you