Just started UberEats, need some advice

So I would really appreciate real advice to this question. Many here have foul mouths and are extremely negative and I really don’t appreciate it, it gets no where and doesn’t assist people. I joined this page for advice and to figure out the lay of the land with Uber, and it just seems many people in here just seem to rant and complain, though it’s good fodder for conversations with my customers. So I’d appreciate it if I got real advice to my issue, because nothing on the Uber website or phone support helped much at all.

On to my query…

I just started UberEats, for a bit more income whilst I wait for rides on the late shift in my area. When are you supposed to swipe to “start” the delivery? When you accept the order or when you have picked it up and started to return the food? I don’t want to cheat the customer. It doesn’t seem all too clear to me. Any help would be fine.

It’s not a reason for folks to act like the people they are complaining about. Just an excuse showing they have the same type of character they are criticizing.

it’s social media. The place where people hide who they really are and say things they wouldn’t say normally. If you get offended by it you are given options to solve it. Personally, I just ignore them unless they violate a rule we have in place.

Yeah, no worries. I’ve ignored all of it since I joined. It just keeps me from asking real questions and seeking advice. As someone who takes customer service seriously, and has a worldview that dictates what I think of people in “private” it aggravates me.

I just wanted to give a small caveat to my post to try and ensure some real interaction to my serious query.

a couple of things to keep in mind with this group specifically.

  1. Search before posting, it could save you a lot of time and aggravation.
  2. All posts are moderated. If we feel it violates the rules or has already be discussed it won’t be allowed.
  3. If it’s a serious question you will definitely get a serious answer. The admin team has no less than 4 years average driving with some being on since start in their markets. We don’t know everything but they all keep up with educating themselves and keeping up to date. We do our best to answer where we feel accurate and factual information has not been presented. We also are human and accept constructive criticism and correction. :slightly_smiling_face:

Number one, I don’t think it will let you start unless you’re at the restaurant location
Number two, "start delivery " means that you got the food in your hand and you’re starting the delivery and on the way to the customer. It will also tell the customer what is your ETA. So they also track you know the GPS. So dont do anything that you’re not supposed to do.

Thanks. I found out last night that you can swipe “start delivery” as long as you’ve checked the box with the customer’s name in it… I’ve been doing it correctly. This is exactly what I needed thanks!

think a lot is personal preference, for instance, I don’t slide the delivered bar until after I get in my car. I don’t start my trips until every one is in the car & I don’t stop my trip until all my doors are closed

absolutely… don’t end the trip until all passengers and belongings are out of your vehicle. If you help carry luggage or groceries to their door end the trip once you are back in the car.

As for the customer being cheated, they pay a flat rate no matter how long it takes you or how far you drive. That rate is determined by their distance from the restaurant and is quoted up front when they order. Swiping start early hurts you since they are advised you have the food and are on your way.

Turn off uber eats at 1240 am turn it back on at 230 am all you will get is uber eats and it may not route you well . As far as your questions not sure I stop doing uber eats

You’re going to turn into the complainer, eventually. Uber has gained its rocky reputation among ALL drivers.
I went to an Uber conference once and met so many Uber drivers- all of which that had nothing good to say about Uber.
I was in a class-action lawsuit against Uber and WON… because Uber is an unethical company.
The complaining may never stop, and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve gained experience.

I dont believe everyone complains, it’s just the complainers are louder. I love working for uber. It has been a life saver for my family and I.

Always when you get the food. Otherwise it seems you took a wrong turn and the long way. If you start it when you get there, the customer sees where you are and is expecting food shortly. I quit Uber Eats because I personally did6nt make much money and very few people tipped. This depends on where you live. Phillip Basile he was not bashing, he was stating a fact. Negativity doesnt help anyone. If people have a specific question we should answer it, not start bashing Uber. I won part of a class-action lawsuit too…$1.52 lol