Just started Lyft and got t-boned by a bicyclist

I got t-boned by an idiot bicyclist while I was on my way to pick up a Lyft rider. Right after the accident I called my insurer and called Lyft. Took the car to my insurer for an estimate, raised the money for my deductible…and now my insurer is asking about me being on Lyft.

I just started with Lyft, and haven’t had time to add an endorsement for ride sharing yet. Something tells me they’re about to deny collision coverage.

I’m really bummed about this. Without my insurance, I’m never gonna be able to raise the funds for repairs.

There’s nothing to fight. You knew you were supposed to get the gap coverage… or at least signed something saying you knew. You decided to roll the dice, and you lost.

And as far as the pizza thing goes - pizza delivery drivers have the exact same issue.

In Minnesota you don’t need special insurance. The store had you insured while on the clock. As a Lyft driver, your clock doesn’t start while enroute.

My Lyft mentor stated outright that the insurance kicks in the moment you accept a ride. The problem is the Lyft insurance is useless because of the high deductible.

You should have just told your insurance company that a random person hit you while driving. If you mentioned Lyft to them then you screwed yourself so there is no fight you can win.

they aren’t, but this honesty could get him dropped from this company and blackballed from others. If he was in fact only en route and had no passengers in the car then it wouldn’t be worth it to mention rideshare. If someone was in the car then that’s another story.

That’s not fraud. You’re under no obligation to tell anyone you did something wrong… even if they ask outright.
Fraud is something else entirely.

Omitting the part about being on the way to pick someone up isn’t fraud. What if it happened while he was on the way to get a friend for free?
If he wasn’t on a ride and being compensated for it then technically he can omit the rideshare part because he was still driving on his own dime. Some people like to talk their way into a problem then get mad when they get screwed.

Ok. You guys do what you want. I’m seriously going through the exact same thing. I’m just letting him know my experience. But I apparently do not know anything. And that’s ok. And my situation wasn’t my fault either. If you chose to lie thats your issue. But now that it’s plastered all over social media…when anyone decides to lie… you just might get caught.

And now your honest ass is screwed because you didn’t have the proper coverage​ you knew you were supposed to have. Well you rolled the dice and crapped out I see…

It’s all good. It wasnt my fault period. I’m being taken care of quite well.

And people are wondering what’s wrong with this country and people. Some just cant tell the truth and always assume they know it all. And opinions…you know what they say… just like assholes…every one has one. Lol

If you get dropped for doing Uber or Lyft you have a crappy insurance company to begin with!!! Their endorsement only covers you more under phase one of actual Uber driving. If not they will not cover you at all while your app is turned on. Simple, you already reported it so you have to deal with lifts insurance.

I’ve seen drivers get dropped off their policy because that company doesn’t endorse rideshare so I’m not making it up. Things have changed a bit since it was “legalized” here in PA (particularly Philadelphia) but prior to that you really didn’t have any options for covering yourself.

I hate to say it but these people are right during the second period, during the time when you are picking up a rider, you are likely not going to be covered by lyft’s policy. You didn’t need to tell your insurer about being on Lyft. I would definitely consider this a lesson learned. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Tuesday I was rear ended 3 times. I had a pax with me. I was running uber. My insurance said nope. Not covering this. You were driving for a fare. So I emailed uber. They dont act quickly enough but I was told today that if you had full coverage you’re covered except they do not do rental cars and you have a 1000.00 deductible. My own policy carries rental and no deductibles. It sucks. But keep fighting the good fight. I lucked out and the lady that hit me assumed liability. B

You know, I post a problem here, one that is killing my livelihood, and what’s the response? Derision. Laughter. Telling me I’m stupid for being honest. I could literally wind up homeless behind this mess.

Thanks a LOT. Real supportive.

Welcome to the Internet. If you don’t want to discuss all aspects of an issue, including the uncomfortable ones, you shouldn’t bring the subject up.

All of them are. My husband got hit doing a rideshare and it took him a month 1/2 to get his car fixed our regular insurance wanted to charge us for 1000 deductible