Just some word of advice:

If you’re one of the many complaining about not getting tips, change the way you interact with your CLIENTSSSSSSS!!! 8/10 of my customers tip. Daily, monthly or average. The ones that don’t want to talk, don’t. Those who ask questions love interacting, so keep the conversation going. Tell them: let me know if you get too hot or too cold. Ask them what music or station they’d like the radio tuned to. Ask if they have enough leg room. I treat every single client like they’re important to me. HONESTLY, they are! Without clients, WE DON’T HAVE JOBS in this line of business.

if you’re going to say something, be adult enough to let people comment. Turning off comments is like yelling at your parents and then slamming the door before they get to respond, childish.

Let’s see your last 10 trips.

What’s your star rating. 4.95 here. That doesn’t equate to tipping. Neither does how we interact with people

Tipping varies greatly by your market and your gender.

Work the surge then you don’t have to worry about tips.

What a great job congrats

I don’t believe in “clients” that only pay me $4.

They’re not worth being called clients

They’re passengers, you are their taxi drivers.

Unfortunately, we are not taxi drivers. If we were, we would take these fools to the drive thru and run up the meter.

Just like taxi, you are being paid on how far you drive, the time you drive, and a base fare.


Hahaha. No that’s not true. You can talk all day and become someone’s best friend for 15 minutes and you’ll still get the infamous “I’ll tip you on the app” treatment. I know because I go through it every day.

When I first started riding with Uber, I’ve met drivers who were not talkative when I try to start a conversation. If you going to ignore your pax or treat them badly, expect no TIP!

They are liars Pax always say I am going to tip you good. lol yeh 2.00 or 1.00 they can keep it.

Charlene - do you track your % of tips against your total revenue? I’m averaging right around 15% tip in the app. If I add the cash I take, it’s probably about 20-22%.

Let’s be honest… You get tipped because you have what many drivers dont. If your getting 90% tips… good for you, don’t come on here trying to school people on customer service when it’s impossible for them to be you. I’m getting at the fact that your a young attractive female… clients(men) like you for that… period. I’m sure your sweet, but no sweeter then the rest of us…

I’d say honestly less than half my customers are men. Women usually tip higher and I work days not nights/weekends. I’ve been in customer service for over 15 years, so I do know how to treat others very well.

90% of your passengers tipping seems like a bit of an exaggeration. I would like proof otherwise I don’t buy that .I usually average about 10-15% of my earnings in tips, usually closer to 10. I have tried all different things. I also have been in customer service for several years, about 20 and know what you mean. I still average about 10% in tips. No complaints, I’ve been driving almost three years now and believe me, have experimented with everything. Maybe you should start an online course to teach us all the skill of getting tips from 90% of your passengers. I’ll be your first student. I’m all ears. I should also mention that the tone of your intial post is condesnding and assumes we are all stupid and don’t know customer service… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

And if she is claiming 90% tips then I think she should post screenshots of her earnings report… Because that is quite unbelievable.

I’d like to know your secret because I don’t always get a tip. But the times I have it varied from $2-20.

If I had tits I would also make a post about people who complain for not getting tips.

In other words,

Tips for nips