Just recently started driving Uber and Lyft. Any pro tips on what air freshener to use?

So I have just recently started driving Uber and I signed up for Lyft also. I am looking for any pro tips that anyone knows of. I have been thinking about having like some wool dryer balls or something with some essential oil’s on it for various seasons. Maybe doing like a fall scented with pumpkins or cinnamon or something right now and later on in the winter switching to a peppermint or some other sent for the season. I don’t want to do anything to cloying. What are y’all’s experience? The customers complain if you have a sent in the car? I know some people can be really sensitive to smells.

From my experience I wouldnt do any of that stuff…You are opening yourself up to complaints…Just drive…Be safe and get them in a quickest and efficient route.

I usually stuck with the febreze car scents that smell like gain…everyone loves the smell

I like the Moso air purifier bag, it helps to keep the air fresh without adding scents

Do what makes you feel calm and good. For you. Your the one stuck in your car for hours. They should adapt to you. Not you to them. In my opinion.

Lol true. I already do that though. I have classic rock playing quietly in the background and I never offer to change it. If someone asked, I would but so far no one has.

I’m a smoker, between pax I’ll have a smoke; before I pickup, I spray Glade apple cinnamon. Never had a complaint about smells.

But I did have a pax that smelled as if a sewer puked in a locker room that took me out of commission for 3 days. Even leaving my windows open couldn’t remove that funk.

I think I wouldn’t care what my car smelled like until they start paying drivers a living wage .

I myself us Febreeze vent clip freshners, any scent really but the fresh Linen one tends to get the most compliments, not to over powering is the key.

I put a few drops of essential oils on a cottenball under the seat. Usually a blend for good mood.

Do what you want - it’s your car, but if I got into a car that smelled like pumpkin pie spice, I think it would be fine for about a minute then I’d roll down the window for the rest of the ride.