Just had an argument with another Rideshare driver

he posted he made $300 in two and a half hours with 10 rides in San Francisco in the morning and he brags about no Primetime or surge rates. Why do drivers consistently over exaggerate? I don’t mind bragging but keep it honest I see lots of people posting money shots $200 tips $300 tips wow a lot of this is actually true some of it isn’t and I found matching images of people posting the same thing I don’t know I just got off my chest

I know I was telling him you can’t even do that many miles is San Francisco in less than 3 hours

Lol, hate to say it, but some drivers do make that kind of money. And then there are drivers who do cash rides, which of course is illegal, but do they care??? No

A lot of people don’t realize that there are people on the autistism spectrum that take certain things to extremes. Most people exaggerate a little bit, but people that are high functioning on the spectrum don’t know when to stop. People berate them for their lies. But The truth is it’s just an exaggeration of our selves. They just don’t have the filters we do. —the more you know—

In my opinion that’s what makes people think we’re all making crazy money doing this. Then puts more drivers on the road thinking its the norm when it isn’t. Just the differences in pay between markets and costs for gas etc change the dynamic of the situation.

In two and a half hours in San Francisco during morning commute you are basically sitting in heavy traffic so I can maybe see 7 rides including pool but the dollar amount without surge I have to call BS on… I’ve driven SF during those hours…

He shows proof he showed 10 rides in less than 3 hours and he made about $300 and he said no Primetime or Serge

I was telling him that he could not make $300 in San Francisco in the morning time without surge especially since you did 10 rides the math didn’t add up

completed something to get him a bonus. Only way it is possible. Face it, even at a $1.00 a mile you would have to complete 300 miles in those 3 hours to make $300. You don’t get paid a dollar a mile and you can’t drive 100 miles an hour (more like 150 with real rates).

More likely, he made $50 - $60 from the trips, the rest came from something else.