Just a perspective from someone that has driven Uberx from the beginning

Uber has taken and taken and taken and still continues to take! No matter what you presently get out of it today, it will be taken away from you eventually! And I’m someone that still gets some benefit of it and am very good at doing it. But would be a complete fool to think it will last and so should you. Don’t criticize someone that is soured by Uber, because in the end that may be you?

Well its about attitude really. I started right after they changed to $1 mile and I realize maybe ‘I don’t know any better’ but it is what is and I wish the glass half full was what was posted more than glass half empty. Just compare it to alternatives.

I have been a full time hacker. I have owned and rented. currently, I own. When I drove full time, be it renter or owner, I could drive whenever I wanted if I wanted. If I did not want to drive, I did not have to drive. I had freedom.

Yes, it is. “Arrangements” have been made in most jurisdictions to see to it that you have received a regulatory or legal pass. In some jurisdictions, those who made “arrangements” were so successful that suddenly laws were re-written to make what had been illegal, “legal”.

Well done. I feel that most people either do around 20 hours and feel they worked too hard for what they got or they work over 50 and have the same complaint. As long as I can stay close to 20/hr

Therefore, it is legal, not illegal - rewritten, reinterpreted or whatever. I enjoy the paltry bit of extra cash I can get at little effort to supplement my day job. If I were going to be full time, I’d buy a cab - and it’d be the best damn cab in town.

I frankly don’t give a shit about answering any of those questions. We ALL know there are costs involved. What is my time worth when I’m sitting at home watching TV? Not a freaking dime.

What is my car going to be worth 3 years from now even with normal driving, commuting and frivolous stupid trips (Americans LOVE to drive thru even for a stupid cup of Starbucks)? I would rather make the car pay me some $ now. Blah Blah Blah.

I can pocket upward of $2K to $3K a month after gasoline, paying down credit card debt now. That is worth a whole lot…And taxes? If you don’t know how to not pay taxes from writing off expenses then don’t drive Uber!

Who was talking about the value of your time. I’m talking about the REAL cost of driving your car. These are not imaginary $. Every mile you drive costs REAL money. If you don’t know how much that is, you have no business being on here.

Oh and if you really want to calculate everything, how are you going to account for surges? How many long rides you’re going to get? Select vs X rates, etc…All I see is everyone gets down and negative using the short ride numbers, get into analysis paralysis and keep complaining.

What I make and can spend from driving Uber is equivalent to my yearly bonus in engineering management. Show me another opportunity that I can do whenever, wherever that can do this for me then we’ll talk. It is not all about cost per mile!

Lol and this here ladies and gentlemen is why uber can slash rates, drivers are just too stupid. By the way buddy you’re in San Fran, come run your mouth in market that’s .80 a mile and see how you feel.