Just a heads up for those of you planning to go to Uber's meeting about something new coming

If it’s cash payments you may want to tell them where to shove it. Yesterday, one of our drivers in COS had some passengers jump out of the car and not pay. Here is Uber’s response.
Thanks for reaching out, Rhonda.
We’re sorry to hear that your rider exited the vehicle without paying. We’re reviewing this rider’s account and will follow up with appropriate action.
Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse drivers when a rider exits without paying a cash fare. When accepting a cash trip, every driver is responsible for collecting the fare when the trip ends.
Please let us know if we can help with anything else.
Keep in mind this happened on the weekend and she hasn’t had the chance to go into a hub. Either way, Uber once again lying to their drivers. We were told if a passenger did this we would absolutely be reimbursed.

Is there an email or something specifically stating that drivers would be reimbursed if a passenger leaves without paying?

I no me too very bad idea this will happen a lot.the only chance you have of catching the thief is you hope when you do the pick up that the pax actually comes out of a residence,but I bet that kind of a call the pax will definitely be out side already and probably doesn’t live there.

Colorado test market and when I saw the u tube video,I said this is a bad idea I New they were going to have runners.what needs to happen is lyft needs to give up that customers personal # go to your local police here that is against the law and the police will arrest for theft of services

Cash is a crap idea. Very few people carry cash so why put the risk on the drivers

I drove for yellow cab and yes that is how the taxi industry works yes you are responsible for collecting the cash.
They are called runners. At or near the end of the ride they open the door and take off without paying.
So you must be aware of what they are doing and determine if they are a risk or not and what you are gonna do about it if they try.
It is a jailable offense, but rarely will a cop take it that far.

Your wrong Jeff wetton I’m 4 for 4 on having non payers arrested.and I got paid threw the courts all four times.If you tell the officer you want to press charges they will,and if that officer won’t I would call for a supervisor,even threaten to bring the media in if you don’t arrest.haven’t had to ever do that,but the police are awesome here about taking care of the taxi drives when it comes to that in my market.ST.Petersburg Fl

Depending on the amount then write a ticket to appear.mine was never less than 45.00 so a 4.25 is almost a waist of time.right off loss :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You have been pretty lucky then. I believe it verify by city depending on weather or not the cop wants to do the paper work.

This also opens the whole risk factor of being robbed and possibly attacked for cash. Yet they won’t allow guns for safety? FOH no thank you.

Easy they know how much it costs on the estimator . cash up front or get out …now!

Either keep ALL door’s locked till they pay or drive to a police station with them in the car. :wink:

Child safety door locks for the backseat pax should help. Cash will get my lazy butt out to LET YOU OUT.

Welll then I guess I will use my child locks on these Pax. It will be like riding in a police car, I gotta let you out. :joy::joy::rofl:.

It is time to get those signs that driver carries no cash and all the plexiglass for the vehicle. This is going to be problematic for
California when they do the stings. I would opt out. IJS Cookie

So many know it all’s out here why is it that none of you started a business of your Owen years ago before uber/lyft came along I can’t believe the crap I read

What happened to all that crap about no tipping in the app because we’re a cashless transaction?

Cash operation is asking for this and heated confrontation you can’t avoid it. This is dumb and it undermines the difference between cab driving and rideshare. What would be the purpose of this it seems to be inviting people who can’t get a bank account or credit card which raises red flags already! Sure hope it fails for Uber/lyft drivers safety! I always make it clear I carry no cash

I feel like cash operation is completely irresponsible. I would imagine once criminals catch on, they’d def be coordinating setups. I mean, damn you can already get shot just for being the driver…now you’d obviously need to carry cash to give change. Fuck outta here.