I've run into odor issues

One was a cute little TCU girl…who belched in my back seat…the smell…oh God the smell…like a week dead sea lion…Even her friends called her on that one. But the one that lingered was just last week. Man…that guy reeked but I NEEDED the trip to reach my guarantee…

I’m more worried by the end of 7 or 8 hours in summer in houston I will stink. Just running in and out of a few places then sitting as the sweat dries…

I already know when I deliver pizza in summer I’m pretty ripe by the time I get home. But pizza doesn’t complain.

Hopefully I’ll still smell like roses compared to some of the other unwashed uber drivers.

I smell worse in the summer. Why do I have to be such a @@@@in hippie? I’m out there sweating my ass off, vacuuming that damn black carpet in this Florida heat. And I try to avoid aluminum ingredients in deodorant because I’m terrified of cancer and/or Alzheimer’s

I used to make my own deodorant, but the baking soda left chemical burns in my skin. My skin was blistering and peeling. So now I haven’t yet found any good deodorant that works without something horrible in it. I love the smell of Tom’s Calendula Deodorant, but it doesn’t work either. Lanolin wreaks like old lady perfume. Right now I’m using Arm & Hammer deodorant, but it has triclosan in it.

Week Dead Sea lion… Fkn love it. Something worst than a smelly PAX. One that’s breath is so bad, I had no other choice but to open windows in the blistering cold. It’s like she had a shit sandwich. And the lady was giving me directions. I almost quit that night.

After showering try rubbing organic coconut oil under your pits. It’s supposed to kill bacteria naturally without chemicals. Some days it works for me but some not depending on what I eat. Worth a try. Oh another thing…peanut butter under your pits before bed. You’re welcome in advance.

You realize the way they decide what gives you cancer right? They pump a rat full of 2000 times the dose you would get in a lifetime from any single product and watch if tumors grow. Vitamin c gives cancer in those doses.

There is a guy a I pick up occasionally when I get stuck down south that stinks of BO and kitty litter. He is a young good looking kid, I can only imagine what his house looks like inside.

I can not imagine turning to the sweating pax who just climbed into my car and saying, “You’re a bit sweaty. Here, dust your moist ass with this white powder…there you go…get all the nooks and crannies…”

Ok. BEFORE you do anything else read through this forum for insurance information.

Then if you’re still interested read everything else.

Do you know what the rate is where you are?

I have a few questions: will I be able to use my own phone GPS while I have a passanger? Do we have to keep the app open ? And if yes, how would I use my Verizon GPS? Will the app work in the background?
Also, should I get the car detailed? Its 4 years old and I have never had it detailed( you can tell ) I cleaned it the best I could, but it’s not perfect.

The app is working in the background while you navigate your route. When you arrive you can revert back and end the ride and rate the pax.
I would recommend that you get the car detailed. If you can tell the pax can see it too and you don’t want to get down rated for that. When I ride I really appreciate a fresh car and will tip more. That’s just me.

Take a deep breath. Your first few trips are a little terror inducing. Just like getting into a cool swimming pool after sunbathing, you’ll likely feel fine once you dive in. Pretend like you’ve done it before. It’s just like picking up a friend, right?

Are you driving Uberx? Where whatever the @@@@ you want. On uber black, I usually wear slacks and a button-up shirt. It’s getting too damn hot for all that. I want to wear a skirt or a dress, but I don’t feel comfortable doing so in this job. As a woman driver, I’d rather dress a little on the masculine/business side for obvious reasons.